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The Lenovo P53 is a remarkable 15.6-inch mobile workstation laptop computer. Although this laptop computer is chunky and isn’t especially appealing, it features great deals of enchanting functions and remarkable specifications. Nevertheless, the battery life of the laptop computer might have been much better.

Style, Show, Ports, And Connection


Processor (CPU) Efficiency


Memory (RAM) Efficiency


Storage Options And Efficiency


Graphics Card Efficiency


Battery Life And Efficiency



  • 1. Remarkable Efficiency
  • 2. Long Lasting
  • 3. Different setups
  • 4. Excellent screen
  • 5. Excellent keyboard


  • 1. Chunky
  • 2. Extremely pricey
Lenovo ThinkPad P53


In requirement of an effective laptop computer with different setup choices? You need to check out this Lenovo P53 evaluation.

This evaluation provides deep insights into the style, screen, ports, and connection of the Lenovo P53. Likewise, you will get information worrying the laptop computer’s efficiency in locations like processor, RAM, storage, GPU, and battery life.

Additionally, in different areas, the Lenovo P53’s benchmark test outcomes will be talked about. In addition, I will be providing a ranking on a scale of one to 10 in each area based upon the laptop computer’s efficiency.

More significantly, reviewing this evaluation will expose you to the different benefits and drawbacks of the Lenovo P53. Therefore, I prompt you to read this evaluation post all the method through.

Lenovo P53 Evaluation: My Preliminary Ideas

Lenovo P53 Review: My Initial Thoughts

The Lenovo P53 needs to be among the most effective mobile workstations I have actually ever encountered. This laptop computer does not just provide power, however it likewise provides sturdiness and dependability.

That’s not all, the laptop computer provides numerous setup choices varying from the CPU to the graphics card. Nevertheless, as the majority of us understand, laptop computers of such quality are mainly pricey and the Lenovo P53 isn’t an exception.

To be more particular, throughout the time I released this evaluation post in June 2022, the Lenovo P53 had a beginning cost of $2,050.93 on Amazon. Although pricey, does this Lenovo laptop computer provide enough efficiency deserving of its price?

A response to that concern and more are what remains in shop for you in the subsequent areas listed below. For this reason, kindly continue reading.

Lenovo P53 Style, Show, Ports, And Connection Evaluation

4 1 3

Starting, the Lenovo P53 features a strong look, although it isn’t especially appealing. The laptop computer provides a magnesium alloy chassis in an ebony-black color with a matte surface.

Remarkably, this laptop computer is really resilient and has the ability to endure a sensible level of misuse. In real truth, the laptop computer passed different MIL-STD 810G tests.

For clearness, MIL-STD 810G is a series of tests and treatments that examines the level of sturdiness of United States military-grade weapons. For this reason, having actually passed about twelve of these tests, the Lenovo P53 will have the ability to manage different extreme conditions.

A few of these extreme conditions consist of severe temperature level, vibrations, mechanical shocks, and deficiencies.

That aside, to offer the Lenovo P53 a little sophistication, Lenovo consisted of a “ThinkPad” engraving on the leading left corner of the cover. Additionally, this cover is connected to the laptop computer’s base by 2 hinges.

These hinges are versatile and enable the cover to be opened to 180 degrees. Likewise, the hinges are quite durable, avoiding the cover from wobbling excessive when pushed.

Upon opening the Lenovo P53’s cover, you will exist with a 15.6-inch screen. Remarkably, Lenovo provides 2 screen resolution choices which are FHD (1920 x 1080) and 4K UHD (3840 x 2160).

Nevertheless, for the sake of this evaluation, we will concentrate on the Lenovo P53 with the FHD resolution. With this resolution choice, the laptop computer’s screen must have the ability to provide a clear, vibrant, and sharp image quality.

Regardless, the screen’s image quality can not be as great as that of a display screen with 4K UHD resolution. The factor for that is since 4K UHD resolution has about 2 times the variety of pixels that FHD resolution has.

Nonetheless, with the FHD resolution, the Lenovo P53’s screen provides an optimum brightness of 500 nits. For this reason, the screen ought to be brilliant sufficient to eliminate off screen glares when the laptop computer is utilized outdoors or in well-lit locations.

Mentioning screen glares, the laptop computer’s screen includes a matte finishing on its surface area. This matte finishing avoids screen glares and reflections when the screen is exposed to direct sunshine.

That’s not all, the matte finishing likewise makes material on the screen appearance sharper and clearer. It likewise minimizes eye stress when you look at the screen for an extended period of time.

That aside, the Lenovo P53’s screen is made with an IPS panel that permits it to provide broad seeing angles. As a result, you can enjoy the screen from severe angles or off-center without losing color precision and image quality.

Carrying on, medium-sized bezels surround this laptop computer’s screen. Nevertheless, unlike the body of the laptop computer, these bezels are made from plastic and include a matte-black surface.

Additionally, the bottom bezel includes a “Lenovo” engraving inscribed on the left edge. On the other hand, the leading bezel has a web cam at the center along with a Thinkshutter.

The Thinkshutter is a visual web cam cover that obstructs the electronic camera lens when not in usage so regarding avoid spying. Performance-wise, the web cam is perfect for video teleconference by means of Skype or Zoom.

Nevertheless, I do not encourage counting on the web cam for taking selfies or groupies. This is since images that the web cam produces tend to come out blurred or rough.

Moving down to the deck, as anticipated, you will discover the Lenovo P53’s keyboard. Remarkably, this keyboard includes a devoted numerical pad and well-spaced secrets with great tactile feedback.

Likewise, the secrets are quite responsive and provide an appropriate quantity of crucial travel. As an outcome, typing on the Lenovo P53 must be an enjoyable and enjoyable experience.

For those questioning, crucial travel is the range in between a secret at rest to complete anxiety. In addition to its sufficient crucial travel and great tactile feedback, this laptop computer’s keyboard is likewise backlit.

Therefore, typing in dark locations should not be an issue. Just like the majority of ThinkPad laptop computers, the Lenovo P53 includes a red TrackPoint situated at the center of its keyboard.

If you do not understand, this TrackPoint is more like an option to the touchpad– it is utilized for cursor control. Mentioning the touchpad, the Lenovo P53 features an accuracy touchpad at the bottom of its keyboard.

This touchpad is rather roomy and includes 2 devoted click buttons. Likewise, the surface area of the touchpad is rather smooth, enabling smooth finger sliding.

Significantly, this touchpad supports Windows 10 multi-touch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom. That aside, aiming to the best side of the laptop computer’s touchpad, you will encounter a finger print sensing unit.

This sensing unit is for biometric confirmation and help for simple login into Windows by means of Windows Hey there.

Port-wise, the Lenovo P53 is outstanding. Truthfully, nearly all the ports you will ever require can be discovered on this laptop computer.

Beginning with the laptop computer’s left side, there is an HDMI 2.0 port, 2 USB Type-A 3.1 ports, and a 4-in-1 media card reader. Similarly, the best side of this laptop computer includes a headphone/mic combination jack, a USB Type-C port, a sim card tray, and a Kensington lock slot.

That’s not all, on the back, the Lenovo P53 includes an Ethernet port, charging port, and another USB Type-C port that likewise functions as the Thunderbolt port. In regards to cordless connection, this Lenovo laptop computer has Bluetooth 5.1 and an incorporated 802.11 ax 2 x 2 Wi-Fi.

Carrying On, the Lenovo P53’s measurement and weight depend upon its hardware setup. Nevertheless, the minimum measurement and weight of the laptop computer are 377.4 x 252.3 x 24.5– 29.4 mm (W x D x H) and 2500 g.

On the other hand, the optimum measurement and weight are 377.4 x 252.3 x 25.8– 30.7 mm (W x D x H) and 2900 g. Relatively, the Levono P53 is much heavier and chunkier than the Dell Latitude 5590.

Particularly, the Dell Latitude 5590 weighs and determines 1800 g and 376 x 250.7 x 20.6 mm (W x D x H), respectively.

All things thought about, I will rank the Lenovo P53 a 9 out of 10 in this style evaluation area.

Lenovo P53 Processor (CPU) Efficiency Evaluation

Lenovo P53 Processor (CPU) Performance Review

The Lenovo P53 provides 2 processor choices. Therefore, you can buy the laptop computer with either an Intel Core i9-9880H processor or an Intel Xeon E-2276M processor.

The previous is an 8-core processor with a 12 MB cache memory. On the other hand, the latter is a 6-core processor that includes a cache memory of 16 MB.

For processing speed, the Intel Core i9-9880H processor has a base frequency of 2.30 GHz and an optimal frequency of 4.80 GHz. The Intel Xeon E-2276M processor, on the other hand, has a 2.80 GHz base frequency and 4.70 GHz optimum frequency.

Performance-wise, thinking about the specifications of these processors, they must have the ability to manage most calculating jobs. For this reason, with either processor choice, the Lenovo P53 will have the ability to perform requiring work like video modifying.

Nevertheless, this evaluation is based upon the Lenovo P53 with an Intel Core i9-9880H processor. Therefore, to understand how well this laptop computer can carry out with this Intel Core processor, we will discuss its outcome on a Cinebench R15 test.

For clearness, Cinebench R15 is a benchmark test that examines the processing capabilities of a computer system’s processor. This is attained by using the processor’s cores.

As an outcome, this test includes 2 unique techniques which are the single-core test and the multi-core test. For your details, the single-core test uses simply among a computer system’s processor cores to assess its processing capabilities.

On the other hand, the multi-core test uses all the offered processor cores to assess its efficiency. Additionally, a high rating in the Cinebench R15 test suggests an excellent processor efficiency.

With that in mind, based upon the test results gotten, the Lenovo P53 taped 192 points in the single-core test. Similarly, on the multi-core test, the laptop computer taped 1508 points.

Relatively, the Lenovo P53 has a much better processing efficiency than the Dell Accuracy 7530, which utilizes an Intel Core i9-8950HK processor. To be more particular, the Dell Accuracy 7530 taped 187 points and 1193 points in the single-core and multi-core tests, respectively.

In summary, the Lenovo P53 provides 2 high-end processor choices. Likewise, the laptop computer beats among its close competitors on a benchmark test.

Due to these, I will rank the Lenovo P53 a 9 out of 10 in this processor evaluation area.

Lenovo P53 Memory (RAM) Efficiency Evaluation

3 1 3

I understand you need to be impressed with the Lenovo P53’s processor efficiency and functions. Well, Lenovo will sweep you off your feet with the laptop computer’s memory functions.

To begin with, the Lenovo P53 features a tremendous 4 memory slots and supports an optimum memory of 128 GB RAM. Truthfully, this needs to be among the biggest memory sizes a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop computer ever supported.

Therefore, although the laptop computer provides a basic memory of 8 GB, you can update the memory approximately 128 GB. Nevertheless, for the sake of this evaluation, we will concentrate on the Lenovo P53 with 32 GB RAM.

With this quantity of RAM, the Lenovo P53 must have the ability to perform most calculating work anticipated from a workstation laptop computer. In real truth, multitasking on the laptop computer will be as simple and smooth as ABC.

To be useful, the laptop computer will have the ability to add to 30 Chrome tabs consisting of 2 YouTube videos all at once without lagging a bit. Additionally, changing in between the Chrome tabs and videos must be problem-free for the laptop computer.

Having stated that, we’ll now think about the laptop computer’s outcome on PCMark 10 test to more validate its memory abilities. If you wonder, PCMark 10 is a cross-platform app-based benchmark test that examines a computer system’s memory efficiency.

It does this by mimicing different performance work on the computer system, and produces a mathematical worth based upon its efficiency. Additionally, the greater the worth attained on the test, the much better the memory efficiency of the computer system.

For this reason, according to the test outcome, the Lenovo P53 taped a tremendous 5754 Points. In contrast, this laptop computer beat the majority of the laptop computers in its classification.

For instance, the ASUS ExpertBook B7 Flip taped 5250 points on the PCMark 10 test.

For This Reason, I need to rank the Lenovo P53 a 9 out of 10 in this memory evaluation area.

Lenovo P53 Storage Options And Efficiency Evaluation

Lenovo P53 Storage Options And Performance Review

Like the processor, the Lenovo P53 provides numerous storage choices. Therefore, you can purchase this laptop computer with either a 2.5 ″ 7200 RPM SATA HDD, 2.5 ″ 5400 RPM SATA HDD, or M. 2 2280 PCIe NVMe SSD.

In regards to storage area, the 2 HDD storage choices support approximately 2 TB optimum storage capability. On the other hand, the SSD storage choice supports an optimum storage capability of 4 TB.

This is rather unexpected since HDDs are understood to provide a bigger quantity of storage area than SSDs. Nevertheless, SSDs are rather pricey and method much faster throughout operations than HDDs.

Nonetheless, with these storage choices, you must discover the one that matches your spending plan and need. Besides, the Lenovo P53 features a 4-in-1 card reader (MMC/ SD/ SDHC/ SDXC) for storage growth.

That aside, this evaluation concentrates on the Lenovo P53 with 1 TB M. 2 2280 PCIe NVMe SSD. For this reason, to learn how well this laptop computer can carry out with this storage drive, let us discuss its CrystalDiskMark test outcome.

Quickly, CrystalDiskMark is a benchmark test that determines the read speed in addition to the compose speed of a computer system’s storage drive. For your details, checked out speed is the time it takes a storage drive to open files.

Compose speed, on the other hand, is the time it takes the storage drive to conserve files. Additionally, on the CrystalDiskMark test, a high “MBps” worth suggests quick read and compose speed.

Having actually pointed out that, from the test results, the Lenovo P53 taped 3539 MBps of checked out speed. Likewise, the laptop computer taped 2936 MBps of compose speed.

In contrast with among its significant rivals, the Dell Accuracy 7530 (likewise utilizes SSD), the Lenovo P53 has a much faster check out and compose speed. Particularly, this Dell laptop computer taped a read and compose speed of 3061 MBps and 1572 MBps, respectively.

As an outcome, I will rank the Lenovo P53 a 9 out of 10 in this storage evaluation area.

Lenovo P53 Graphics Card Efficiency Evaluation

6 1 4

In the element of the graphics card, the Lenovo P53 has 2 effective graphics setup choices. These choices are both devoted graphics cards– NVIDIA Quadro T2000 and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 Max-Q.

In regards to speed, the NVIDIA Quadro T2000 GPU performs at a base and an increase frequency of 1575 MHz and 1785 MHz, respectively. On the other hand, the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 Max-Q has a base frequency of 600 MHz and an increase frequency of 1350 MHz.

Additionally, as devoted graphics cards, these graphics card choices include a devoted VRAM. Particularly, the NVIDIA Quadro T2000 GPU has a devoted VRAM of 4 GB.

The NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 Max-Q, on the other hand, has a devoted VRAM of 16 GB GDDR6. Therefore, with either graphics card choice, the Lenovo P53 will have the ability to manage graphics-demanding work and play most high-end video games.

Nevertheless, with the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 Max-Q graphics card, the laptop computer’s graphics efficiency will be way much better. This is since this graphics card provides a bigger quantity of devoted VRAM.

Fortunately, this evaluation concentrates on the Lenovo P53 with NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 Max-Q GPU. With that in mind, let us think about the laptop computer’s efficiency in a video gaming test.

Remarkably, while playing F1 2019 in 4K resolution, the Lenovo P53 provided an excellent frame rate of 52 fps (frame per second). Having stated that, we will now speak about the laptop computer’s outcome on a 3DMark 11 test.

In quick, 3DMark 11 is a benchmark test that examines the 3D graphics rendering efficiency of a computer system’s graphics card. Additionally, a high rating on this test is more effective as it corresponds to great graphics efficiency.

Therefore, based upon the outcomes gotten from the test, the Lenovo P53 taped 24156 points. This rating exceeds the classification average of 17753 points.

Nevertheless, compared to the Dell Accuracy 7550, which utilizes the very same GPU, the Lenovo P53 fails. Exactly, this Dell laptop computer taped an outstanding 26242 points on the 3DMark 11 test.

Therefore, I will need to rank the Lenovo P53 a 8 out of 10 in this graphics card evaluation area.

Lenovo P53 Battery Life And Efficiency Evaluation

Lenovo P53 Battery Life And Performance Review

The Lenovo P53 is powered by a 90 WHr Li-Polymer battery. This battery is an integrated type, indicating it a constructed into the laptop computer and can’t be eliminated.

In regards to efficiency, Lenovo promoted that the laptop computer’s battery can last approximately 13 hours. In order to validate if this claim made by Lenovo holds true, I will be sharing the Lenovo P53’s battery rundown test outcome.

This test includes subjecting the laptop computer to constant web searching over a Wi-Fi connection while its brightness level is set to 50%. For that reason, when the test was over, the Lenovo P53 provided a battery life of 8 hours and 55 minutes.

Although this battery life is great, it has to do with 4 hours less than what Lenovo promoted. Additionally, compared to the ASUS ExpertBook B7 Flip, the Lenovo P53’s battery life is rather brief.

Particularly, on the very same battery rundown test, this ASUS laptop computer provided a battery life of 11 hours and 45 minutes.

In conclusion, with 8 hours and 55 minutes of battery life, the Lenovo P53 must have the ability to last nearly a complete day. Nevertheless, the laptop computer’s battery life is bad compared to that of its closest rivals.

For that reason, I will rank the Lenovo P53 a 7 out of 10 in this battery evaluation area.

Lenovo P53 Evaluation: Often Asked Concerns

8 1 3
1. Just how much Does The Lenovo P53 Expense?

Since the duration I released this evaluation post in June 2022, the Lenovo P53 had a beginning cost of $2,050.93.

2. What Year Did Lenovo Release The ThinkPad P53?

The Lenovo P53 was launched in 2019.

3. Does The Lenovo P53 Includes An HDMI Port?

Yes, the Lenovo P53 features an HDMI port.

4. The Number Of RAM Slots Does The Lenovo P53 Deal?

The Lenovo P53 includes 4 RAM slots.

5. Is The Lenovo P53’s Keyboard Backlit?

Yes, the Lenovo P53’s keyboard is backlit. For this reason, typing in the dark should not be an issue.

Lenovo P53 Evaluation: My Last Ideas

Lenovo P53 Review: My Final Thoughts

The Lenovo P53 is loaded with great deals of fantastic functions and great-performing hardware specifications. Additionally, this laptop computer shows to be really durable and resilient, having actually passed different MIL-STD 810G tests.

Additionally, the laptop computer provides various setup choices consisting of an optional touchscreen screen. That’s not all, the Lenovo P53 features 4 memory slots and supports a tremendous optimum memory of 128 GB RAM.

Likewise, the laptop computer provides 2 devoted graphics card choices. Nevertheless, this laptop computer is a bit too pricey, including a beginning price of over $2000.

Nonetheless, I think the Lenovo P53 provides enough functions and outstanding efficiency that makes it worth its pricey price.

Lenovo ThinkPad P53


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