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The VIZIO V505 H19 is an entry-level 4K television that provides remarkable screen functions such as a high contrast ratio, good reaction time, and an outstanding input lag. In addition, it likewise has an easy to use SmartCast OS with remarkable home entertainment functions. Unfortunately, the television has bad seeing angles and does not have Bluetooth.

Style, Measurement, And Weight


Show Functions And Image Quality


Ports And Connection Functions



  • 1. Remarkable contrast ratio
  • 2. Good reaction time
  • 3. Outstanding input lag
  • 4. Cost Effective
  • 5. Great deals of home entertainment functions


  • 1. Poor seeing angles
  • 2. Average brightness
  • 3. No Bluetooth
  • 4. Typical sound efficiency
VIZIO V505-H19


Are you wanting to buy a budget friendly television with great deals of home entertainment functions? If you are, then this VIZIO V505 H19 evaluation need to act as a guide.

For this reason, in numerous areas of this evaluation, you will be familiar with the various functions and specifications of the VIZIO V505 H19 in an in-depth way. Particularly, I will be going over the style, screen functions, sound functions, ports & & connection functions, and wise functions of the tv.

In addition to that, I will be ranking the television’s efficiency at the end of every area based upon my individual viewpoint. Therefore, to get all the info you require about the VIZIO V505 H19, I prompt you to read this evaluation to the end.

VIZIO V505 H19 Evaluation: My Preliminary Ideas

VIZIO V505 H19 Review My Initial Thoughts

VIZIO has actually stayed in business considering that 2002 and it’s apparent that they have a track record for producing budget friendly television set. Asides from their tvs being budget friendly, they likewise provide sufficient functions and efficiencies.

Therefore, in order to broaden its collection of budget friendly tvs, VIZIO launched the V505 H19 in 2020. This wise tv, like many VIZIO tvs, provides good functions at a low-priced cost.

A few of these functions consist of a high contrast ratio, low input lag, and HDR. For the cost, the VIZIO V505 H19 had a price of $363.99 since May 2022, when this evaluation short article was released.

With such a low cost tag, one would anticipate this wise tv to have one of 2 downsides. Do you want to discover these downsides and more about the VIZIO V505 H19?

Well, you need to continue checking out!

VIZIO V505 H19 Style, Measurement, And Weight Evaluation

VIZIO V505 H19 Design Dimension And Weight Review

As gotten out of a $300+ tv, the VIZIO V505 H19 features an easy and fundamental style. Additionally, the bezels that surround its screen are thin however not like what you would get on pricey designs.

Particularly, the leading and side bezels determine 0.50-inch. Nevertheless, the bottom bezel is somewhat thicker since it houses a “VIZIO” engraving at the center.

Additionally, the bezels are made from plastic and have a glossy-black surface. Continuing to the legs, the VIZIO V505 H19 stands put up on 2 plastic V-shaped legs.

These legs cover the tv from one edge to the other– they are placed at the severe edges of the television. For this reason, if you aren’t wall-mounting the tv, you will need a relatively big tabletop to position it on.

Besides, the legs are extremely strong and offer adequate assistance for the television to stand straight with very little wobble.

Relocating to the back of the VIZIO V505 H19, the upper part has a metal plate covering that is entirely plain and slim. On the other hand, the lower part of the tv’s back is made from plastic, and it is rather large.

This is because of the truth that it houses all the tv’s electronic devices, ports, and elements. Nevertheless, due to the bulkiness of the bottom back, the tv will somewhat bulge out when wall-mounted.

Mentioning which, the VIZIO V505 H19 includes 4 400 x 200 VESA install holes on its back that enables wall-mounting. Unfortunately, this tv’s back does not have any type of cable television management system.

As an outcome, to guarantee a cool setup, you will require to organize the cable television connected to the tv by hand.

When it concerns the measurement and weight, the VIZIO V505 H19 procedures 1120.9 x 61.5 x 650.0 mm (W x D x H) and weighs 9800 g. Relatively, this tv is lighter and less thick than the LG 50UK6090PUA.

Particularly, the LG 50UK6090PUA weighs 10704.7 g and procedures 1132.8 x 88.9 x 662.9 mm(W x D x H).

For this reason, to bring this style evaluation area to a close, I will be ranking the VIZIO V505 H19 a 8 out of 10.

VIZIO V505 H19 Show Functions And Image Quality Evaluation

VIZIO V505 H19 Display Features Review

It is fine if a television has an excellent style, nevertheless, the screen efficiency and functions are important. In reality, a sleek-looking television will not be of any excellent if its screen residential or commercial properties and photo quality are substandard.

The good news is, relating to the VIZIO V505 H19, its 50-inch LED screen provides outstanding functions and excellent photo quality. To offer more information, thanks to its 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, this tv’s screen can render vibrant, sharp, and clear images.

In addition to that, the VIZIO V505 H19’s screen provides an impressive contrast ratio of 5,257:1. Due to this contrast ratio, the screen has the ability to produce deep and abundant blacks.

As an outcome, movies with great deals of shadowy or dark scenes like scary motion pictures will be a happiness to view on the VIZIO V505 H19. Likewise, the tv needs to be perfect for use in dark spaces.

For your info, contrast ratio is the difference in between the darkest tones of a screen to the brightest tones. For this reason, the greater the contrast ratio, the much deeper the blacks on the screen would be.

On the disadvantage, the VIZIO V505 H19’s screen has bad seeing angles. Due to this, viewing the tv off-center or from the sides will lead to colors looking rinsed and a decrease in photo quality.

Thus, the VIZIO V505 H19 will not appropriate for use in large space settings. Aside from its bad watching angles, the VIZIO V505 H19 isn’t brilliant adequate to be utilized in well-lit spaces or outdoors.

This is because of the truth that the screen provides a bad peak brightness of 209 nits. However, this peak brightness need to suffice for the screen to work well in moderately-lit spaces.

On a favorable note, the VIZIO V505 H19 supports numerous HDR (High Dynamic Variety) formats. Particularly, the tv supports HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG.

These HDR formats enable the tv’s screen to produce reasonable and life-like photo quality when rendering HDR-support material. If you do not understand, HDR-support material can be discovered on streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime Video.

Remarkably, the VIZIO V505 H19 features an upscaling innovation. This upscaling innovation is called the Spatial Scaling Engine.

Thanks to the upscaling innovation, this VIZIO tv will have the ability to transform HD material or any lower resolution material to 4K quality.

In addition to the Spatial Scaling Engine upscaling innovation, the VIZIO V505 H19 includes an IQ Image Processor. This processor is accountable for quicker image processing and smooth shift.

Having stated all that, let us talk about the movement efficiency of the VIZIO V505 H19. To start with, this tv features a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which enables the screen to render smoother images.

In case you wonder, refresh rate is the quantity of time per second a screen has the ability to revitalize or upgrade a brand-new image. Apart from the 60 Hz refresh rate, the VIZIO V505 H19 likewise features Dynamic Movement Rate:120.

The Dynamic Movement Rate:120 doubles the refresh rate of the tv, making its screen produce less fuzzy images. That aside, let us discuss the reaction time of the tv.

Nevertheless, prior to discussing the reaction time of the tv, I would enjoy to describe what reaction time is everything about. Reaction time describes the time it takes a screen to shift from one color to another.

Therefore, the VIZIO V505 H19 has an action time of 22.2 milliseconds. Unfortunately, this reaction time isn’t quick adequate and there will be visible blur routes when the screen is rendering fast-moving material.

On a favorable note, the VIZIO V505 H19 benefits video gaming since its screen provides a low input lag of 10.6 milliseconds. In case you are questioning, input lag is the time it takes a screen to sign up signal input from external sources.

All things thought about, I will rank the VIZIO V505 H19 a 8 out of 10 in this screen includes evaluation area.

VIZIO V505 H19 Noise Includes Evaluation

VIZIO V505 H19 Sound Features Review

Worrying sound quality and efficiency, the VIZIO V505 H19 does not impress much. To offer more information, this tv features a set of 2-channel 8-watts speakers.

These speakers produce sufficient sound quality however are not loud adequate to fill a big space with noise. Additionally, the tv does not have an integrated subwoofer, indicating it will not have the ability to produce adequate bass.

Thus, you will not have the ability to delight in the rumbling and thumping noises in bass-heavy motion pictures. Nevertheless, you can think about purchasing a soundbar together with the tv so regarding get a sufficient bass production.

On the brilliant side, the VIZIO V505 H19’s speakers produce a healthy and clear discussion. If you wonder, discussion indicates the discussion in between 2 or more individuals.

As an outcome of its speakers’ discussion clearness, you will have the ability to plainly hear and understand conversations from conversation-driven material. For instance, news, television programs, documentaries, and sports commentaries.

That aside, the VIZIO V505 H19 features Dolby Audio sound innovation. This sound innovation boosts the speakers’ surround sound production, making them provide an immersive and cinema-like sound quality.

Prior to I conclude this area, let’s talk about the distortion efficiency of the VIZIO V505 H19. To begin with, the tv provided a rating of 0.450% on a THD (Overall Harmonic Distortion) test.

In quick, the THD test is a sound test that assesses the level of distortion a stereo can producing. Additionally, the lower the portion on this test, the lower the distortion the stereo has the ability to produce.

For That Reason, with a THD rating as low as 0.450%, distortion on the VIZIO V505 H19 will be extremely minimal and may not be visible. In case you are questioning, distortion in this context is the contortion of audio frequency, making a stereo produce undesirable sounds.

All in all, I will be ranking the VIZIO V505 H19 a 7 out of 10 in this noise includes evaluation area.

VIZIO V505 H19 Ports And Connection Characteristic Evaluation

VIZIO V505 H19 Ports And Connectivity Features Review

The VIZIO V505 H19 includes a good quantity of ports that are all situated on its back. Additionally, a few of these ports are dealing with the left while others a straight on the tv’s back.

Beginning with the left-facing ports, you will see one USB port and 3 HDMI ports. These HDMI ports are identified HDMI “1”, “2”, and “3” and the HDMI “1” supports ARC (Audio Return Channel).

For this reason, utilizing the HDMI 1, you will have the ability to quickly link a soundbar to the VIZIO V505 H19. That aside, the ports straight on the tv’s rear consist of one composite input, an RF port, and optical audio out.

That’s not all, the tv likewise includes an Ethernet port straight on its back. On the other hand, when it concerns cordless connection, the VIZIO V505 H19 includes 802.11 air conditioning Dual-Band Wi-Fi however does not have Bluetooth.

Proceeding, the VIZIO V505 H19 features a standard XRT140 push-button control with a plastic body and matte-black surface. This remote functions an excellent variety of buttons however does not have an integrated mic for voice input.

A few of these buttons consist of a circle-shaped navigation button, a menu button, and a house button. In addition, the remote has 6 devoted buttons for fast access to Vudu, Netflix, Hulu, Xumo, Redbox, and Prime Video,

Other buttons on the remote consist of volume rockers and channel rockers.

In conclusion, the VIZIO V505 H19 includes an excellent quantity of ports and a standard remote with great deals of buttons. Nevertheless, the tv does not have Bluetooth.

For this reason, I will rank the VIZIO V505 H19 a 8 out of 10 in this ports and connection evaluation area.

VIZIO V505 H19 Smart Characteristic Evaluation

VIZIO V505 H19 Smart Features Review

The VIZIO V505 H19, like many VIZIO wise tvs, features the SmartCast os. Although the user interface of the SmartCast OS does not look as attractive as that of the WebOS or Tizen OS, it’s simple to utilize.

Likewise, it provides smooth animation, making shifts in between material and apps appealing. Mentioning apps, the SmartCast OS provides a huge list of popular streaming services and applications.

To point out a couple of, there is Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, and Paramount television. Nevertheless, the majority of these streaming services are paid streaming services– they need users to subscribe annual or regular monthly to get gain access to.

Thankfully, apart from the paid streaming services, the SmartCast OS likewise provides rather a variety of complimentary streaming services. A few of these streaming services consist of Magellan television, Tubi, and WatchFree.

Nevertheless, this os does not featured an integrated app shop for downloading more streaming services. For this reason, apart from the ones the OS features, you can not get more streaming services or apps.

However, since the television is Cast-enabled, you need to have the ability to stream/share material from your wise gadgets to the tv. Besides, with the assistance of the SmartCast mobile app, you need to have the ability to manage the tv with your smart device.

By the method, the SmartCast mobile app is offered and complimentary for download on the Google Play Shop and Apps Shop. That aside, the VIZIO V505 H19 supports voice AIs such as Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant.

Nevertheless, neither the tv nor its push-button control features an integrated microphone. Therefore, to use the voice AIs, you need to buy an Amazon Echo or Google House speaker.

After extensive factor to consider, I think the VIZIO V505 H19 should have a score of a 8 out of 10 in this wise functions evaluate area.

VIZIO V505 H19 Evaluation: Often Asked Concerns

VIZIO V505 H19 Review Frequently Asked Questions
1. What Year Was The VIZIO V505 H19 Launched?

The VIZIO V505 H19 was launched in 2020.

2. Does The VIZIO V505 H19 Have Bluetooth?

No, the VIZIO V505 H19 does not featured Bluetooth.

3. Just how much Does The VIZIO V505 H19 Weigh?

The VIZIO V505 H19 weighs 9800 g.

4. Is The VIZIO V505 H19 Great For Video Gaming?

Yes, since the VIZIO V505 H19 features a low input lag of 10.6 milliseconds, it is perfect for video gaming.

5. Just how much Does The VIZIO V505 H19 Expense?

The VIZIO V505 H19 had a price of $363.99 since May 2022, when this evaluation short article was released.

VIZIO V505 H19 Evaluation: My Last Ideas

VIZIO V505 H19 Review My Final Thoughts

The VIZIO V505 H19 is an entry-level budget friendly wise tv that provides a 4K screen with excellent photo quality and functions. Additionally, this tv supports HDR which boosts its photo quality.

Likewise, the television features an excellent contrast ratio and 2 strong legs. That’s not all, as a VIZIO wise tv, the VIZIO V505 H19 includes the SmartCast OS that provides lots of significant streaming services.

Nevertheless, the sound efficiency of this tv is typical and its screen provides bad seeing angles. Likewise, the tv does not featured Bluetooth.

However, if you require a 50-inch wise tv for casual watching, the VIZIO V505 H19 deserves the idea.

VIZIO V505-H19


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