Android Phone Not Showing Inbound Calls? Here Is The Quick Repair

Tab the SettingsAndroidon your phone. If your Settings

is not on your House screen, swipe down and utilize the

search function to look for it.Android

AndroidThen, on the Settings

, find General Management and tap it. Additionally, utilize the Settingssearch function to browsereset

  1. and open it.appapp< img width="498"height="1024"src=""alt="appPhone Not Showing Inbound Calls? Here Is The Quick Repair”class=”wp-image-111982″srcset=”×1024.png 498w,×1233.png 600w,×300.png 146w,×1579.png 768w,×1536.png 747w,×2048.png 996w,×150.png 73w,×206.png 100w,×350.png 170w,×1620.png 788w, 778w”sizes=”(max-width: 498px)100vw, 498px”/ >
If you tapped General Management, when it opens, tap AndroidReset
  1. Reset appchoice opens, tap appReset settings. Do NOT choose any other Reset choice as picking the incorrect Reset choice might result in information loss.
Then, on the AndroidReset settings
  1. . If you open your phone with a PIN, you will be needed to go into the PIN. Resetting your phone’s settings repairs the issue that stopped it from showing inbound calls. The factor for this is that you might have made modifications that triggered the issue. Resetting the settings reverts your phone’s settings to factory default settings– then inbound calls will begin showing as anticipated.
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  1. Lastly, on the last Reset settings screen, keep in mind the caution and if you still wish to continue, tap Reset. Your phone will reboot. After the reboot, your will now begin showing inbound calls.

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