Dalstrong Chef Knives Reviewed: After One Year, Do They Hold Up?


If you have actually remained in the marketplace for getting a brand-new chef’s knife, you have actually unquestionably seen the Dalstrong brand name appear constantly in your search on Amazon markets. Nobody would blame you for not understanding the Dalstrong brand name, as they are reasonably brand-new to the chef knife scene in basic.

If you have actually been questioning the durability, quality and resilience of the Dalstrong Gladiator Series and Shogun Series X, have no worry as The Culinary Cook has actually taken a whole year of rotating usage of both knives to offer you a detailed evaluation of both items.

Dalstrong supplied us 2 chef knives for us to utilize, both 8 ″ chef knives from the Gladiator Series and Shogun Series X. Here are our impressions after a whole year of usage.

The Gladiator Series chef knife had a light feel. Practically too light.


The product packaging of both knives was rather well done, and I was impressed with the discussion of the item. Both knives featured a blade sheath. The Shogun Series X had a far more elaborate sheath, with a protective notification avoiding unexpected slippage of the blade throughout transportation.

The Dalstrong Gladiator 8 ″ and Shogun Series 8 ″ chef knife have actually served me well over the previous year (Click for bigger image)

The Gladiator’s sheath, while not as high quality as the Shogun Series, was appropriate. Nevertheless, I wound up tossing both sheaths out at around the one month mark as I chose to have them hang from my magnetic knife rack so no photos, sorry.

It is very important to keep in mind that both knives came exceptionally sharp. While this is to be anticipated, this was a much sharper knife than lots of that I have actually seen prior to. I was uncertain of how well the edge would hold up upon very first holding the chef knives in my hands, particularly when it concerned the Gladiator Series chef knife.

Gladiator Series

The distinction in between them is larger than it looks (Click for bigger image)

Anytime I get a brand-new chef knife, I will constantly make certain to put it in its speeds right away. The Gladiator Series chef knife had a light feel. Practically too light. The blade felt thin and fragile. I was a bit dissatisfied in the quantity of flex along with I would anticipate to see such heavy flex in a boning knife or fillet knife. Certainly not an 8 ″ chef’s knife. Regardless of that, it was really sharp and the tang of the knife felt great, although the wood felt rough and a bit on the more affordable side. The reinforce appeared like it was made from great quality steel, which I liked.


It offered it a good balance and I felt nimble. Being utilized to a much heavier chef knife, I got utilized to the lightweight of the Gladiator Series. What was intriguing to note was that when this knife was tapped, it released a ringing noise. I did not feel totally positive in a blade so thin that it vibrated at a frequency when struck, nevertheless, I might see how this might seem a favorable function for the house chef or beginner.

Daily usage was great, although the heel of the knife was angled a bit odd. This made high-speed production slicing a bit tough as lots of products sliced towards the heel of the knife stayed uncut. If you are a house user, this is not a huge offer. However for anybody who is associated with business prep work or requires a quality knife for the line, you might wish to take a look at the Shogun Series X or maybe a name brand name, such as Wusthof or Henkel.

Shogun Series X

The Shogun Series X is a really quite knife, however the Damascus steel-style pattern seems more an impact than a by-product of production. This knife was substantially more stiff and resilient, measuring up to what I would think about a requirement for a chef’s knife. The heavy blade needs to be balanced out with a well balanced deal with and this chef knife did it effectively.

Quality Blade

The knife is a bit blade-heavy which was most likely due to the quality of the blade. The deal with appeared to be made from greater quality product also. There was really little flex in this blade and released no ring when struck, unlike its Gladiator sibling.

Daily usage of this knife was an enjoyment to utilize in your home however did not hold up along with other knives when it concerned holding an edge. It came out of package exceptionally sharp and did keep that edge for a long time with cautious usage. For greater speed production, it fared rather well and it made a location in my knife roll as my # 2 knife behind my Wusthof.


It is very important to understand that these knives are made and sourced from China, in spite of the creative claims of being Japanese or German steel. While it might hold true that they are made according to correct requirements needed to be called as such, they are at completion of the day, made in China as evidenced by the origin of the item.

German, however not actually

This is not always a bad thing. Nevertheless, it is very important to temper your expectations of these knives to be more in line with what to anticipate. I understood from the getgo where the knives were from so they were not a dissatisfaction. On the contrary, for the rate, I feel they are an excellent intro into the chef knife’s world– an excellent first knife if you will.

After a strong year of usage with these knives, I have actually discovered myself grabbing both knives on celebrations. While my Wusthof gets most of the work, I discover the Gladiator Series great for little accuracy cutting such as chiffonade or slicing garlic, while the Shogun Series is excellent for production cutting and processing meats. The Gladiator’s edge did not hold up as I anticipated, nevertheless, I have yet to have it honed.

I made certain to steel the knife prior to every usage to make sure the edge stayed strong. If you are not steeling your knives, anticipate the edge to use considerably fast if you are utilizing it daily.

Production-level quality

The Shogun Series X knife has actually held up well which can be credited to the weight of the chef’s knife blade. I felt that the Dalstrong Shogun Series X chef knife was simply a much better quality knife all around. The expense does show the quality, can be found in at a cost of $ 129 However if you are picking in between these 2 knives, and you are utilizing the knife for production or business usage, the additional expense for the Shogun Series X is a clever relocation.

In general, the quality held up and I was impressed with the brand name. Dalstrong is a brand name that appears to be wishing to produce a quality item for durability which is excellent to see, particularly in a world when a million personal brand name labels are out there on Amazon and e-commerce websites.


I enjoyed with both knives throughout my time with them. Do they compare to the name brand name Wusthof or Henckels? They do, nevertheless, I have actually had Henckels in the past and while I presently utilize my Wusthof 8 ″ regularly, I do choose it over the Dalstrong. However Henckels I have actually not liked for a long period of time, which is because of how fast the blade edge breaks down. Unless you are getting a 4 star Henckels, I still choose the worth of the Dalstrong.


Dalstrong chef knives hold a special specific niche in the chef knife world, nestled someplace in between the low-end scrap knives and the high-end multigenerational knives. If you are a house chef desiring find out how to utilize his chef knife, select the Shogun Series X or check out the name brand names.

If you require a chef knife for every single day or every other day usage, the Gladiator Series is for you. And for the rate, it is a wonderful worth. If its a lasting chef knife indicated for production level cooking, or if you are somebody who desires the very best, then the Shogun Series X is your knife. In general, the Dalstrong has actually made a strong impression on me and it depends on them to continue establishing their brand name to get the buy-in of experts from both house and business usage in order to take their brand name to the next level.

Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8 ″
3.5 out of 5


  • Incredibly Sharp
  • Great Rate
  • Lightweight


  • Thin Blade
  • Toughness Issues
  • Much Better Alternatives

Dalstrong Shogun Series X 8 ″
4 out of 5– Buy


  • Incredibly Sharp
  • High-Quality Steel
  • Great Weight Balance
  • Long Lasting


  • Rate
  • Alternatives might be more appealing

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