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The EKSA H1 is a Bluetooth speaker created with an extremely particular core function in mind which’s to supply the methods to talk on your phone or listen to music while driving, thus the trucker headset appellation. Its usage (clearly) isn’t restricted to just truck motorists, thinking about that you’ll see this kind of headsets in call centers also and in the majority of retailers.

Which’s since these gadgets ought to have the ability to guarantee that the noise throughout a call is clear even if there is a great deal of sound in the background. The EKSA H1 guaranteed to do so utilizing a specific application of the sound canceling innovation.


To be particular, it counts on an ENC chip and some maker discovering algorithms to filter external sound, while making sure that the voice stays clear. Clearly, we’re going to check the microphone efficiency in a minute, along with the general sound quality. However do understand that whatever is going to remain in mono mode. That’s since you just get one earcup and the headband, so among your ears is constantly going to be totally free, permitting you to hear whatever that occurs around you.

The method you can link the headset is through Bluetooth just, which is practical when driving your automobile and there is a 500mAh rechargeable battery which EKSA states that it must last approximately 45 hours while listening to music and 25 hours when taking calls. That being stated, let’s have a more detailed take a look at the EKSA H1 and see if it’s undoubtedly a trustworthy trucker headset.

The Build Quality and the Style

The EKSA H1 follows the plan behind the other trucker headsets, so anticipate simply a single earcup with a microphone and the headband since the concept is to keep the other ear totally free. And it can be either the left or the ideal ear since the microphone can be turned about 270 degrees (the turning motion feels extremely rewarding). The microphone can’t be separated, however you do get the choice to change the method it’s angled (to bring it closer to your mouth).

And there is an LED at the end of the microphone that illuminate and remains strong red when you remain in a call. The headset is primarily made from plastic with some silicone parts and there’s a metal slider. Likewise, the EKSA H1 has actually embraced an extremely conservative appearance which indicates that it’s covered by a black matte surface and there is no fancy style component.

The microphone LED.

Perhaps with the exception of the LEDs, however the concept is that this does not appear like a video gaming headset in any method. Which is a good idea thinking about the target market, however is the EKSA H1 really comfy to use for a long period of time? It’s relatively comfy for perhaps an hour or 2, however you’ll require to change its position after that. And the factor is the silicone piece at the opposite end of the earcup. However prior to broadening on that I require to point out simply how light-weight the EKSA H1 really is.

At 2.6 ounces (or 75g), it really weighs method less than the EKSA Air Pleasure Plus and it makes good sense because it just has an earcup, however the concept is that there ought to be no pressure points. And I was a bit doubtful of the headband because it’s a piece of plastic covered by rubber, so how would it really be comfy on the head? Well, it really is and even after moving the earcup to the optimum, it would still not press on the top of my head (thanks to the lightweight).

However, I am not truly keen on the silicone replacement for the secondary earcup. It’s relatively soft and thick, however it does have a more difficult part in the middle, where it gets connected to the arm. And it exists that I might feel it press versus my head. Once again, it’s not that much of a trouble in the beginning, however it builds up after an hour or two.

The silicone piece that’s pushed versus your head.

The cushion on the earpad was good and thick adequate thinking about the weight of the headset. And it appears that it’s made from protein leather, however it does not appear like you ‘d have the ability to change. I attempted removing it utilizing a spying tool, however after some odd sounds, I rapidly got dissuaded. Prior to relocating to the controls, I do require to point out how smooth the slider is which it never ever got stuck, which is outstanding at this rate point. Likewise, the earcup pans and tilts approximately about 120 degrees (so does the silicone area however at a much restricted variety).

All the controls are on the only existing earcup which is not unexpected. And the very first button lies on the microphone, permitting you to silence it if required. Then, there’s the Volume Up and Down buttons that likewise work as Next and Previous track if you press and hold the buttons for a number of seconds.

In the middle, there’s the multi-function button which you can click as soon as to Stop briefly or Play a track, press 3 times to make it possible for the voice assistant or press and hold for 2 seconds to switch on or off the headset.

The controls.

In case you get a call, merely push the button to address and if you click once again, it will hang up. It’s likewise possible to address a brand-new call while you’re on a call by pushing the multi-button as soon as (which will hang the existing call), however you can likewise put the very first contact hold by double clicking the multi-button. If you press and hold the button, it will decline the brand-new call. When it comes to charging the battery, EKSA has actually included a USB-C port and there is likewise a type-C to USB-A cable television inside the plan.

Internal Hardware and Connection

I was not able to really open the earcup, so I might just count on the main site to see the kind of internal hardware. And it utilizes the Qualcomm platform that supports Bluetooth 5.0 for the cordless interaction. The producer states that the EKSA H1 ought to have the ability to rise to 32 feet (or 10m) if there are some things in between the source and the headset.

Which’s basically what I viewed as well– real for the majority of Bluetooth 4+ TWS earbuds or earphones. However there is a function that merely declines to end up being the standard with the economical earphones and it’s the Bluetooth multipoint.

The Bluetooth connection.

Luckily, it is supported by the EKSA H1, so you can link the headset to 2 Bluetooth gadgets at the exact same time and switch in between them when you get calls or listen to music. And all of these are carried out in a smooth way if you press and hold for 2 seconds on the multi-function button.

The Noise Quality of the EKSA H1

Considering That it has a single earcup, the EKSA H1 is going to play any tune in mono mode, so there is going to be an influence on the sound quality for this factor alone. Clearly, this headset wasn’t truly created to produce high fidelity audio, however it does not sound that bad either. Prior to listening to some tunes, I wished to inspect the motorist quality, so I played a sweeping tone that goes through frequencies. Preferably, there should not be any buzzing, so the tone must stay tidy and smooth.

Unsurprisingly, there was some buzzing, however it’s really typical at this rate point. I normally inspect some binaural recordings, however it didn’t truly make that much sense in this context, so I chose to take a look at some bass-focused tunes. The very first one was Faded from Zhu and the bass is absolutely noticable and complete, however it is likewise controling the whole scene. The voice is a bit recessed and echo-y.


Next, I inspected System Of A Down– Mr Jack and this is an extremely hectic tune, so thinking about the experience with the previous track, I didn’t have high expectation. And yes, the imaging and the instrument distinction is not that terrific, the bass is once again controling and partly covering the mids. Likewise, because a lot is going on, it can get a bit fatiguing to listen to. Then I inspected Sofi Tukker– Familiarity Affair and I confess I liked the bass beats, however the bass stays controling, while the female voice is a bit more forward than the male one (still sounds echo-y though).

I likewise inspected a mid-bass-focused tune called Morph The Feline by Donald Fagan and it sounds a bit flat, the mid bass is once again covering nearly whatever, so no clear instrument distinction. It wasn’t that terrific, however not awful. Last but not least, I inspected a treble-focused tune, Paradise City by Weapons n Roses and I need to state that the treble is under powered. This indicates that the whole tune is a bit anemic, however it’s not fatiguing.

I might have appeared excessively review of the sound quality and it holds true that it’s not that terrific, however the EKSA H1 ought to still suffice for some light music listening sessions when you remain in the automobile. Still, understand that this wasn’t the focus of the headset, it was the microphone efficiency.

Is the microphone terrific?

The entire point behind the EKSA H1 was to supply an excellent call quality even in an extremely loud environment and in my tests, it has actually shown to be approximately the job.

The microphone.

I have actually talked with numerous individuals utilizing the headset and 2 out of 3 individuals stated that my voice end up being a bit more far-off when utilizing the EKSA H1 than when utilizing the phone. Absolutely nothing remarkable and no issue in regards to clearness, simply a bit more far-off. However, the fascinating thing was that even if there was a great deal of sound, even high-frequency noises, it would get canceled rather effectively. So the individual on the other end of the call might not inform that I remained in an extremely hectic coffee bar or that I was striking nails with a hammer a couple of inches from the headset.

The Battery Life

EKSA states that the 500mAh internal battery will last approximately 25 hours if you’re utilizing the H1 headset for calls and approximately 45 hours if you just listen to music at 70% volume. I have not talked for 25 hours, however I provided for a number of hours and the battery decreased by 15%.

Source: Eksa main site.

This indicates that you ought to get a bit over 13 hours on a single charge, which is more like half the marketed quantity. However it holds true that the battery did held up much better when playing music, so I might listen to music for a bit over 24 hr. It’s not a bad efficiency by any metric, however not truly as the marketed quantity.

The Conclusion

The trucker headsets are absolutely a specific niche item, serving extremely particular requirements and I do believe that the EKSA H1 has the ability to rise to the expectations. The constructed quality is great, they’re relatively comfy and the battery life is decently great. Sure, the sound quality is not the very best out there, however the point of the EKSA H1 is to supply an excellent call quality even in a loud environment. And it can supply simply that, so, thinking about the cost, it has the ability to serve its function.




  • The microphone is terrific at canceling external noises
  • The call quality is truly great
  • Good battery life
  • I like the controls
  • USB-C


  • The sound quality is not that terrific
  • The rubber piece that rests on your head is not that comfy

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