EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro Video Gaming Earphones Evaluation


The EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro are presently a few of the very best wired video gaming earphones that the producer needs to provide, sporting 50mm motorists with a 55Ohm impedance and 112dB level of sensitivity. This suggests that they’re simple to drive by basically all audio sources, consisting of mobile phones, the Nintendo Change or the Valve Steam Deck.

And yes, the users of video gaming laptop computers and PCs are the primary audience given that the earphones are wired, however the producer has actually consisted of a type-C to 3.5 mm jack cable television inside the bundle, so you can quickly utilize the EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro with the abovementioned portable video gaming gadgets also.

I understand that the Bluetooth earphones and earbuds are easier to utilize, however you do get a far lower latency going the wired path. And the earbuds that had the very best latency in this cost variety were the GravaStar Sirius– still above what the wired earphones have the ability to provide however. Besides the naturally lower latency, the EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro likewise guarantees 7.1 surround noise and it appears to be the very same application as we have actually seen on the EKSA Air Pleasure Plus where the it’s a virtual surround noise.

So, no numerous real speakers, however it’s still great thinking about the price of the earphones (the software application makes it far much better, as we’ll see in a minute). There is likewise a microphone that’s removable and appears to utilize the AI-Powered ENC innovation. And I understand that the makers like to put AI on whatever nowadays, so let’s put the EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro to the test and see what we’re handling.

The Build Quality and the Style

When I checked the EKSA Air Pleasure Plus, I liked that they were light-weight, however the earphones certainly didn’t feel strong or premium. This appears to have actually altered a bit with the EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro since the producer basically went the other method when it developed them. At 11.46 ounces (325g), the EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro are not light-weight at all, however that does not imply that they’re not comfy.

Not given that EKSA included a great deal of foam inside the head band, so the earphones will not press on the top of your head. Great deals of economical earphones have this concern and besides making a thick and soft headband, I likewise liked the method of the AKG K240 (single leather layer). What about the clamp force? This can be divided into 2 elements: how stiff is the headband and how soft are the earpads.

The Earpads.

I do feel a bit more require on my ears than with the OneOdio Screen 80, however the thick protein leather earpads + memory foam combination does assist relieve the pressure a bit. I believe that it’s possible to go 2-3 hours on a single video gaming session prior to requiring to take a break from utilizing the earphones. However this is not actually the issue with EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro, it’s the management of the temperature. To put it candidly, you’re going to get sweaty ears, particularly throughout the summer season.

I have actually not yet checked the brand-new Sony WH-1000XM5, however I am still going to scold Sony for the bad quality of the products that they utilized on the WH-1000XM3. And I bring that up since the EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro feel far stronger given that they utilized metal for the arms, down to the connection with the earcups.

Likewise, I might with confidence broaden the headband without stressing that it might break which’s from a sub $100 set of earphones (at the minute of composing). The sliders are metal (it’s the arm, not a different part) and the motion is neither smooth, nor stiff– no much better method to explain it, truthfully. The style component that will interest the majority of you is using the green cable televisions on the exterior. It’s to make the earphone appearance cool and gaming-y, however why put them on the outdoors, where they can break simpler?

The EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro on their side.

I was lured to believe that it’s just for visual functions, however the metal arms that connect to the earcups would not have actually actually permitted a various system. I simply hope that these cable televisions will last enough time. The earcups can just be changed in a single way– about 30 degrees tilting angle (and most likely a couple of degrees panning, however it actually depends upon the versatility of the metal). And it suffices to get a relatively comfy wear, however it’s not going to be that excellent if you prepare to bring them around with you.

Each earcup has what appears like an open-back style on the rear side, however it’s simply a style pattern. There is an LED ring and an LED logo design inside the cavity which is covered by a thin metal grille and after that, there’s a rather lightweight piece of plastic at the top. The LED flash gradually green as quickly as you link the earphones to an audio source (Razer ambiance?).

The ideal earcup is without any buttons or connections, so the left earcup has the port for the microphone (it’s a 3.5 mm jack) and after that, there’s the USB-C port for the cable television connection. You can utilize the USB-C to USB-C cable television, the USB-C to USB-A adapter or the USB-C to 3.5 mm jack cable television (very first of it’s kind that I utilized up until now).

The buttons and the ports.

I believed that perhaps I might utilize the 3.5 mm jack to link the EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro to my computer system, however it didn’t work, it’s simply for the microphone. Still on the left earcup you will likewise have the ability to discover the Multi-function button which, when pushed and held, it will switch on or off the LEDs. If you tap it as soon as, it will make it possible for or disable the Surround Noise. Beside it, there’s the mike on/off button and the volume rocker. I really like the volume wheel more than the buttons on other earphones.

The Internal Hardware (EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro Teardown)

The EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro utilizes 50mm vibrant motorists which have a 55 Ohm +/- 15% impedance and the level of sensitivity is 112dB +/- 3dB, so you do not need to stress that much about the audio source given that these earphones will deal with basically any modern-day gadgets.

I wished to open among the earcups to see what’s within, so I chose to opt for the left earcup. The earpad merely detaches if you use a little force and after that I eliminated the 4 screws that waited together. In this manner, I might see that the microphone was incorporated within the speaker area (why it could not drive the gadget), however no chip or IC showed up.

EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro Teardown.

Certainly, there is no assistance for Bluetooth, which is regular for video gaming headsets in this cost classification, however as I currently discussed, you do get a couple of choices on the kind of cable television you can utilize.

The Noise Quality

The EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro is a set of video gaming earphones, so the method the noise is tuned is not that crucial. Is it an invited addition? Obviously, however the gamers will wish to hear the method the speakers have the ability to replicate a surround system. That’s where a broad sound phase is going to be essential, along with a relatively precise imaging. In this manner, the gamer will feel completely immersed in the video game and will hear precisely where a particular noise is originating from (why EKSA promoted the 7.1 surround noise).

The very first thing that I inspected was the chauffeur quality and the sweeping tone requires to be tidy, without buzzing. I might hear some buzzing, particularly when the tone moved in between the mid frequencies. Next, it’s the chauffeur matching test and, preferably, there must be no discrepancy– the noise needs to seem like it remains in the middle of the head. I might inform that there was some small discrepancy and the noise would move from delegated right, however just a little bit.


Later on, I played a binaural tune and in general, it was an enjoyable listen given that the instruments were extremely plainly specified and I might inform where they’re placed. Likewise, it was relatively clear if they were far or near the microphone; I might likewise inform the position of the vocalists and the voices weren’t forward, however well replicated.

Prior to relocating to the real tunes, we require to discuss the EKSA software application. Undoubtedly, you do get to alter the method the EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro sounds if you desire by downloading the EKSA 7.1 Surround Noise. I was prepared to blast the normal tunes and see how well the earphones might replicate a noise that I chose (more on the flat side), however this software application basically deactivated me since I might change the earphones the method I liked.

However I still inspected some tunes on the default profile and after that attempted to listen to them after changing the EQ a bit. The Requirement EKSA Stereo Noise profile is a bit treble improved, while the bass is somewhat controlled, so listening to Zhu– Faded, it didn’t sound that great. Sure, the mids were well replicated, the treble progressed, however the bass was not incisive. This was anticipated, so I chose the Deep Bass profile.

Stereo Mode– Default Profile.

In this manner, the bass came to life, however it did bleed a bit into the mids. The next tune was Mr Jack from System of a Down and once again, the Requirement profile was anemic in regards to bass, however present in regards to mids and treble, so I changed to the Deep Bass profile. The guitars instantly got more compound, however, given that it’s a congested tune, I would opt for a bit more neutral profile, otherwise, it’s going to end up being fatiguing.

Change the feline by Carl Seagan is a mid-bass-focused tune and it sounds anemic on the basic profile, however relocating to the Rock-and-roll profile, it provided it a lot depth and color that I really took pleasure in the tune more than on the OneOdio Screen 80 or the AKG K240. I then changed to Vance– She Burns and maybe the very best predetermined profile was Jazz given that it put the voice more in focus.

Paradise– City by Weapons n Roses sounded much better with the Rock & & Roll profile (not a surprise there) and there was a bit of sibilance. The conclusion is that none of the tunes sounded as the studio recording given that they all got improved in one method or the other (bass, treble or mids).

The Stereo Mode– Rock & & Roll Profile.

I expect you might develop a custom-made profile to cover all kinds of tunes, however the EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro is not a set of high fidelity earphones. What it is however, is a really capable video gaming headset.

The EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro as video gaming earphones

You will observe that on the left earcup, there is a button that allows the Surround Noise and it’s for the default noise profile. Which is why you must utilize the software application and change the sound profile according to what you’re playing– can be FPS, MOBA or Deep Bass.

The last one is not a brand-new video game category, however a method to take pleasure in music in a various method, I expect. And I confess that it is certainly able to develop the understanding of a bigger sound phase. Understand though that most tunes aren’t tape-recorded for this kind of 360 degree surround noise in mind, so they might sound a bit odd (the Sony earphone will work a bit much better in this regard, however they’re likewise much more costly).

The Surround Noise Profiles.

Still, the EKSA profile certainly works as planned and you can examine the method the virtual surround system design by clicking the play button beside the EQ settings. That being stated, I chose to play some video games also and yes, the EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro will permit you to hear relatively precise what takes place around you. And due to the cabled connection, you will not have any visible latency to destroy your video gaming session.

What about the microphone?

Like I currently discussed, it’s removable and utilizes a 3.5 mm port for the connection to the earphones. And it’s likewise a good microphone. The noise is a bit small, however still extremely clear and does an actually great task at keeping a few of the sound in the space out.

The microphone.

For instance a fan that keeps me alive (got to enjoy the summer season) and some television sounds from downstairs were effectively obstructed. However, when you play video games, it’s extremely seldom that you would be surrounded by great deals of individuals, however given that the portable consoles are a thing, you might utilize the EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro in a long train commute. The focus is still going to be your voice (particularly if you put the microphone near your mouth, as you must), however the external sound will likewise sneak in if it’s especially loud.

The Conclusion

The EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro is a remarkably capable set of video gaming earphones. It has an excellent construct quality, the microphone sounds excellent and there is a software application for changing the EQ which permits you to hear the tunes the method you like.

The 7.1 surround system works well, regardless of being a virtual application and it will certainly permit the gamers to much better determine the source of the noises inside the video game. Do not anticipate high fidelity audiophile-level noise recreation, since they were not developed for this factor. So yes, if you require an excellent set of video gaming earphones at an available cost (that likewise have green LEDs), then the EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro are an excellent alternative.

EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro



  • The surround sound function works perfectly
  • The software application permits you to change the method the tunes will sound
  • The earphones feel strong and well developed
  • The headband is soft
  • Several cable televisions to link to a big range of gadgets


  • I am not sure about the durability of the exposed green cable televisions
  • You’ll get sweaty ears
  • The default noise profile is bad

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