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The Maidesite T2 Pro Plus is a height adjustable standing desk that depends on a dual-motor lifting system to rapidly lower or increase the height of the desk at the most ideal position. By fast, I suggest 40mm/s which is a bit much faster than a few of the other popular standing desks (consisting of Uplift V2 and the Completely Jarvis Standing Desks).

The 275lbs (125kg) assistance is likewise a good touch, although you’ll be tough pushed to really coming up to that weight and the height variety can accommodate both taller individuals (as much as 6.3-feet high) and much shorter individuals or kids (5 foot-tall or less). All this sounds terrific, particularly thinking about the price of the gadget (it’s much more available than it was a couple of years ago), however why should buy a standing desk?


I understand that a lot more individuals are working from house and, while your manager does not actually appreciate your well being when you remain in the workplace, you do get the choice to enhance your health while you’re at house with a standing desk. The concept is to remain for about a quarter of an hour seated and after that the rest on your feet to prevent early-set heart problem or the development blood fabrics. It’s not healthy to sit for 8 hours a day, so yes, you require a standing desk, however is the Maidesite T2 Pro Plus as much as the job? Let’s learn.

The Assembly

The Maidesite T2 Pro Plus is available in a relatively compact box, however do not let that fool you, it’s a heavy plan that, preferably, must be run by 2 individuals. Inside package, whatever is nicely loaded, however I took whatever out. That was great according to the user handbook, so, on the 2nd action, I separated the 5 parts of the control box area.

Move the control box and remove the rails.

There must be 2 rods, the control box, the area to which package was connected and the area from the opposite side. I likewise secured the cable television given that it was removable. Later on, take among the 2 legs (any of them) and the metal frame from which you moved off the control box. Usage 4 M6x10 screws to connect the leg to the frame.

Connect the legs to the frames.

I require to mention a number of things. I actually liked the method the screws are put in different pockets that are extremely plainly identified (made whatever a lot easier). Likewise, I discovered it much easier to put the frame and the leg on the side when placing the screws, although the handbook reveals it upright. Do the exact same thing for the 2nd leg (utilizing the other frame) and after that determine the side brackets (the metal pieces that get positioned right away beneath the counter top). Move the side brackets at the top of each leg and after that tighten it up utilizing 2 M6x14 screws.

Connect the side brackets.

On the next action, we require to place the 2 center rails (I called them rods formerly) back and it is necessary that the slots deal with inwards. After that’s done, take the 2 metal feet and connect them to the lower end of the leg utilizing 4 M6x14 screws. From this point on, I did things a bit in a different way than what the handbook stated and the reason I did so was due to the fact that I currently had a desk to which I wished to include the height modification possibility.

Re-inserting the rods and connecting the 2 feet.

The counter top is from Ikea and it’s called Karlby (weighs about 67 pounds) and it presently just remains on top of 2 Alex drawers (exceptionally initial, I understand). So, while the handbook states to put the counter top or desktop on its back and after that lay the Maidesite T2 Pro Plus on top of it, I did the opposite. I moved the Maidesite T2 Pro Plus beneath the desk while it was still at a lower height modification. At this moment, you must drill the required holes into the leading and after that link it to the standing table utilizing M5x20 wood screws.

Now it’s likewise a great time to connect the handset anywhere near the leading edge of the table. Move the control box back into location and after that connect the 2 cable televisions from the legs to the left and ideal side of the control box. Later on, take the cable television from the handset (controller) and connect it to the ideal side of the control box– the cable television has an Ethernet-like port, so it’s simple to discover the ideal area where to place it. Finally, I connected the power cable back into its location.

The optimum length that you can extend the legs of the Maidesite T2 Pro Plus is 5.9 feet which implies that the port from the left leg might not reach the control box. To minimize this issue, the producer has actually consisted of an adapter to increase the length of the cable television, so all is excellent.

Cable television management package.

The producer focused a lot on cable television management, so we’re not going to let all those cable televisions to hang from beneath, right? No, it’s finest to utilize the cable television clips to keep whatever good and neat. And after that take the metal cover and utilize some M6x14 screws to connect it beneath the rails in a way regarding appropriately conceal all the cable televisions, other than the one for the power.

The Build Quality

If the heaviness of the plan didn’t provide it away currently, well, understand that practically the whole Maidesite T2 Pro Plus is made from metal and you will require 2 individuals to move it around, particularly after including the counter top. So yes, the standing desk does feel strong and strong enough to manage much heavier items. And I did left the Desktop PC on the tabletop, in addition to a relatively heavy 3d printer, both being raised with ease by the Maidesite T2 Pro Plus.

I do not actually have actually a formed eye for welding, however I have actually come across concerns for many years where some metal gadgets weren’t appropriately bonded together which led to failure for many years. I examined the bars and the frames, and the welding task appears to have actually been done appropriately, so no problems there.

How it looks from beneath the counter top.

The holes were appropriately lined up, so I had no concern placing screws and the whole assembly procedure should not take more than an hour (with an ice cream break in the middle given that it was so hot in the space). The control box is among the couple of pieces made from plastic and it’s simple to move it into and out of the frame (you’ll require to do both). The cable television adapters enabled a snugged fit and the cable televisions themselves were long enough to reach package.

In case the left leg is too away, you do get a cable television extender, so it’s still great. The controller for the Maidesite T2 Pro Plus standing desk that I got is touch-sensitive and it is really modular, so you can change it for the controller with buttons.

Link the cable televisions to the control box.

I do believe that the touch-sensitive controller works fine also, it’s simply that you do need to keep your finger for a number of seconds prior to the icons switch on. It’s likewise good that you can install it practically anywhere and you do have screws to connect it to the tabletop. I chose to utilize a number of double-tape strips and it worked great thinking about that the controller is made from plastic and does not weight that much. Likewise, know that the touch-sensitive location is shiny, so it’s going to be a finger print magnet (particularly due to the black surface).

The Controller

The touch-sensitive controller is really extremely simple to utilize, however I do confess that after linking whatever and powering on the Maidesite T2 Pro standing desk, I was stressed that something failed given that there was no LED or any other visual alert to guarantee me that whatever was great.

However, tapping on the touch-sensitive location brought it to life, revealing the existing height left wing (it remains in cm), followed by the 2 arrows that permit you to by hand change how high or low you desire the standing desk. You can reset the gadget by long pushing the Down arrow for 5 seconds, launch it and after that long pushing it once again up until the display screen reveals ‘RST’.

The touch-sensitive panel with the controls.

You will see the 1 to 4 numbers followed by an M and you can utilize these to set a favored height, so you do not need to change it by hand all the time. To do so, go to the height you desire, continue M and after that select from one to 4. Finally, I require to point out the timer. You will see a number of little clock icons which you can tap to choose in between half an hour and 2 hours. In this manner, after the set amount of time, the table will vibrate to let you understand that it’s time to stay up. I am guilty of getting captured up into work for hours, so this is a good function to advise me that I require to move.

The Maidesite T2 Pro Plus Efficiency

As we saw in the previous areas, the Maidesite T2 Pro Plus is constructed well and relatively strong, adequate to manage a relatively big weight. Certainly, the gadget ought to have the ability to increase and reduce as much as 275lbs (125kg) and the display weighs about 13lbs, the Desktop PC has to do with 50lbs, the 3D printer weighed 30lbs and the counter top was 67-lbs heavy.

In overall, it had to do with half the optimum advised, so even if I included another display, it would not have actually made that much of a distinction. I understand what you’re going to right away ask.

Does it wobble when raised as much as the optimum?

It does a bit if you’re typing strongly as I do, otherwise not that much. I suggest, you can move the counter top and it will wobble when pressed, however as I stated in the past, simply from typing, it ought to be very little.

How smooth is the motion of the motors?

I believed it was smooth and relatively peaceful, however you can examine the video to see on your own. I put a glass of water and after that I raised and reduced the standing desk regarding see the water motion inside the glass. There were some faint ripples, however absolutely nothing more than that. Moving the desk up or down will not spill your beverage.

What occurs if there is a challenge in the method?

If you have not seen the video on the main site, understand that the producer revealed that in case there’s a challenge in the method, the motor will stop lowering (or up). In this manner, the motors will have a longer life and it will not mistakenly press on the head of your kids or on your animals. It still requires some resistance given that it’s not going to stop if you just gently keep the counter top.

Should you think about the Maidesite T2 Pro Plus standing desk?

If you’re issues are whether you really require a standing desk if you stand 8 hours a day in front of your computer system, then the response is yes. You do require a standing desk and a great chair, otherwise you’re doomed in the long run. If you should consider this particular design, though? I would still state yes due to the fact that the rate is ideal for what you really get.

The metal frame is strong, the legs move efficiently up and down, there is a challenge sensing unit and it’s not actually that hard to assemble. The cable television management is a good touch and the touch-sensitive controller might not constantly appear that responsive the very first time you tap on it. However that’s actually a small grievance, so, in general the Maidesite T2 Pro Plus is a strong choice which you can think about if you wish to acquire a standing desk.

Maidesite T2 Pro Plus



  • The up and down motions are smooth
  • Can choose as much as 4 pre-set positions
  • Easy to set up
  • Can manage a great deal of weight
  • Cable television management


  • Some light wobble when raised near the optimum

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