Galaxy Book Ion Evaluation: The Very Best Ultraportable Laptop Computer?

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Samsung put a lot good effort into the Galaxy Book Ion. That is why it is among the very best ultraportable laptop computers on the marketplace today. It uses a memorable style, a good variety of ports, and a lasting battery. Nevertheless, the graphics efficiency of this laptop computer is rather below average.

Style, Show, Ports, And Connection


Processor (CPU) Efficiency


Memory (RAM) Efficiency


Storage Options And Efficiency


Graphics Card Efficiency


Battery Life And Efficiency



  • 1. Appealing
  • 2. Light-weight
  • 3. Excellent display screen
  • 4. High-end processor
  • 5. Great port choice


  • 1. Substandard keyboard
  • 2. Weak graphics efficiency

Are you looking for an ultraportable laptop computer with special functions? If so, this Galaxy Book Ion evaluation is a must-read.

This evaluation breaks down every crucial information of the Galaxy Book Ion. For this reason, it covers all elements of the laptop computer from its style to requirements.

By spec, I indicate its processor, memory, storage, graphics card, and battery life. In addition, in numerous areas, I will use the laptop computer’s benchmark test outcome and compare it with its closest rivals.

Not just that, however I will likewise be ranking the laptop computer at the end of each area according to how I believe it carried out. For that reason, when you are done reading this Galaxy Book Ion evaluation, you need to have the ability to make a notified purchase choice.

Galaxy Book Ion Evaluation: My Preliminary Ideas

Galaxy Book Ion Review: My Initial Thoughts

Samsung is a popular brand name in the laptop computer market and has actually been around for a while. So, in 2020, the brand name launched the Galaxy Book Ion which came out as one of the most outstanding ultraportable laptop computers ever.

As a matter of reality, this laptop computer highly takes on numerous other premium laptop computers consisting of Apple’s MacBook Air. In my viewpoint, with the Galaxy Book Ion, Samsung uses a MacBook Air option at a less expensive cost.

Mentioning cost, when I composed this evaluation in June 2022, the Galaxy Book Ion had a cost of $846. Having stated all that, let us be familiar with more about this ultraportable laptop computer in other areas listed below.

Therefore, kindly kept reading.

Galaxy Book Ion Style, Show, Ports, And Connection Evaluation

2 shutterstock 702535396

To begin with, the style of the Galaxy Book Ion shrieks “wise” from the minute you take it out of package. The cover is practically bare other than for the trademark name that’s composed on the ideal side.

In addition, this laptop computer which is made from magnesium appears strong and long lasting. As a matter of reality, there is definitely no flex around the body of the laptop computer.

In the element of color, the Galaxy Book Ion is just offered in a color Samsung calls aurora silver. This color provides the laptop computer a calm appearance and an appealing pearlescent shine when light assesses it.

While all these will impress you, I wager you’ll even be more amazed when you open the laptop computer’s cover. Opening the cover exposes the Galaxy Book Ion’s lovely 13.3-inch display screen.

By the method, the laptop computer’s hinge permits the cover to the opened to 140 degrees. Likewise, the hinge is made from metal and avoids the cover from wobbling substantially when pushed.

Back to the display screen, the Galaxy Book Ion’s 13.3-inch display screen is surrounded by extremely thin bezels. Regardless of these bezels being so thin, Samsung did not lose out on consisting of a cam on top bezel.

Particularly, Samsung consisted of a 720p HD web cam at the center of the laptop computer’s leading bezel. Although this web cam isn’t especially great for taking selfies, it is perfect for video talks or video teleconference.

Proceeding to the functions and quality of the Galaxy Book Ion’s display screen. To begin with, Samsung utilized its tv competence with this laptop computer by offering it a QLED display screen panel.

The main benefit of QLED over a normal LCD show panel is that limit brightness increases to about 427 nits. For this reason, thanks to the QLED panel, the Galaxy Book Ion’s display screen need to be extremely brilliant.

Therefore, the laptop computer must appropriate for outside use as the display screen will be brilliant adequate to avoid screen glares. That aside, the Galaxy Book Ion’s display screen uses an FHD (1920 x 1080) resolution.

With the mix of the QLED panel and this FHD resolution, the laptop computer’s display screen will have the ability to render a sensational image quality. In real reality, the display screen must have the ability to take on Apple’s Retina display screen.

Having actually discussed the display screen of the Galaxy Book Ion, let us proceed to the deck, where the keyboard and touchpad lie. Beginning with the keyboard, this Samsung laptop computer includes a basic keyboard.

Nevertheless, the keyboard uses extremely shallow essential travel, that makes typing rather uneasy. For your details, essential travel is the range in between a secret’s resting position to the totally pushed position.

On a favorable note, Galaxy Book Ion’s keyboard has three-stage backlighting. For this reason, you can key in dark locations without concerns.

To contribute to that, the secrets on the keyboard have good spacing and are big enough to fit many finger sizes. Nevertheless, the navigation/arrow secrets have to do with half the size of the staying secrets.

Besides, Samsung consisted of a finger print reader amongst the keyboard’s secrets. This finger print reader is on the ideal side of the keyboard and permits simple login into Windows through Windows Hey there.

For the touchpad, Samsung guaranteed that the Galaxy Book Ion’s touchpad is extremely smooth and makes navigation smooth. Additionally, the touchpad has a set of incorporated click buttons that uses a great accentuation point and signs up inputs quickly.

The next thing to think about in this area is the port choice of the Galaxy Book Ion. To begin with, in a lot of cases, makers compromise ports to lower the general size and weight of their laptop computers.

The good news is, Samsung takes a various path with the Galaxy Book Ion. Essentially, in spite of the slimness of the laptop computer, Samsung equipped it with an affordable port choice.

Particularly, left wing, the laptop computer includes a full-sized HDMI port, 1 Thunderbolt 3 port, 3.5-mm audio combination jack, and DC charging port. On the other hand, the ideal side of the laptop computer has a set of USB 3.0 ports and a microSD slot.

Lastly in this area, we’ll talk about the weight and measurement of the Galaxy Book Ion. As discussed previously, this laptop computer is extremely thin, so it’s not unexpected that it has a measurement of 305.8 x 199.8 x 12.9 mm (W x D x H).

For the weight, the Galaxy Book Ion weighs just about 970g, making it among the lightest laptop computers out there. For this reason, you can easily choose this laptop computer up with a single hand and bring it around with no issue.

Relatively, the LG Gram 13 is a bit lighter however thicker than the Galaxy Book Ion. Specifically, the LG Gram 13 weighs 965 g and steps 304 x 210 x 15.2 mm (W x D x H).

All things thought about, I will rank the Galaxy Book Ion a 8 out of 10 in this style evaluation area.

Galaxy Book Ion Processor (CPU) Efficiency Evaluation

Galaxy Book Ion Processor 9 (CPU) Performance Review

The Galaxy Book Ion includes a 4-core Intel Core i7-10510U processor with a base frequency of 1.80 GHz. This processor likewise has an increase frequency of 4.90 GHz in addition to a cache memory of 8 MB.

Additionally, the Intel Core i7-10510U processor is a high-end processor that can easily perform most calculating jobs. For this reason, with this CPU, anticipate the Galaxy Book Ion to be able to run requiring apps and manage extensive work.

Carrying on, let us check out the laptop computer’s outcome on a Geekbench 4 benchmark test to additional understand how well its processor can carry out. In quick, Geekbench 4 is an app-based benchmark test that examines the general processing capability of a computer system by putting it under a series of extensive work

Additionally, you require to keep in mind that an excellent efficiency on the Geekbench 4 test is represented by a high rating. With that in mind, according to the test results, the Galaxy Book Ion accomplished a rating of 5,469 points.

Although this rating is rather high and outstanding, it is listed below ball game managed the Dell XPS 13 9300. Particularly, the Dell XPS 13 9300, which utilizes an Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor, provided a rating of 5,589 points on the Geekbench 4 test.

Therefore, I will be ranking the Galaxy Book Ion a 8 out of 10 in this processor evaluation area.

Galaxy Book Ion Memory (RAM) Efficiency Evaluation

4 shutterstock 680127547

Starting, the Galaxy Book Ion features one memory slot and a DDR4 memory type. In addition, the laptop computer uses a basic memory of 8 GB, which is likewise the optimum memory that it supports.

As an outcome, you can not update the laptop computer’s memory beyond 8 GB. While this sounds frustrating, you require to understand that 8 GB of RAM suffices for this laptop computer to manage most calculating jobs.

As a matter of reality, the Galaxy Book Ion need to have the ability to multitask decently with this quantity of memory. For instance, while running about 15 Chrome tabs at the same time, the laptop computer didn’t lag or decrease a bit.

Besides, with these Chrome tabs running, you can choose to stream a YouTube video and the laptop computer still will not lag. That stated, let us talk about the laptop computer’s PCMark 10 test result to additional examine its memory efficiency.

For your details, PCMark 10 is a cross-platform benchmark test that evaluates a computer system’s memory efficiency by replicating office-related work. In addition, the greater ball game on this cross-platform benchmark test, the much better the memory efficiency of the computer system.

On that note, according to the outcome gotten from the test, the Galaxy Book Ion scored 4,862 points. In contrast, the Galaxy Book Ion surpassed the LG Gram 13– the LG Gram 13 scored 4,592 points on the PCMark 10 test.

In conclusion, it would have been great if the Galaxy Book Ion supports a bigger RAM size. Nonetheless, its basic 8 GB RAM suffices to keep things going efficiently.

Thinking About all these, I will be ranking the Galaxy Book Ion a 8 out of 10 in this memory evaluation area.

Galaxy Book Ion Storage Options And Efficiency Evaluation

Galaxy Book Ion Storage Option And Performance Review

For storage, the Galaxy Book Ion includes an SSD (Strong State Drive) and supports an optimum storage capability of 512 GB. Based upon my individual perspective, 512 GB of optimum storage area need to suffice for many users.

Nevertheless, if you believe otherwise, you can use the consisted of microSD card reader for storage growth. That aside, for insights into the storage efficiency of the Galaxy Book Ion, let us consider its CrystalDiskMark 5.2 test outcome.

In case you do not understand, CrystalDiskMark 5.2 is a standard that examines a computer system’s storage efficiency by computing its read and compose speed. For clearness, checked out speed can be specified as the time it takes a gadget’s storage drive to open a file.

Whereas, compose speed is described as the time it takes the gadget’s storage drive to conserve a file. By the method, at the end of the CrystalDiskMark 5.2 test, the outcome is represented in “MB/s”.

For this reason, the greater the “MB/s” worth, the much faster the read and compose speed of the gadget’s storage drive. So, based upon the test outcome, the Galaxy Book Ion has actually a checked out speed of 2184 MB/s and a compose speed of 2343 MB/s.

Remarkably, this laptop computer’s read and compose speed is method much faster than that of other laptop computers in its classification that likewise utilize SSD. For instance, the Acer Swift 3 provided a checked out speed of 1435 MB/s and a compose speed of 1307 MB/s on the CrystalDiskMark 5.2 test.

All in all, I will rank the Galaxy Book Ion a 9 out of 10 in this storage evaluation area.

Galaxy Book Ion Graphics Card Efficiency Evaluation

shutterstock 2141667691

Boiling down to graphics card, the Galaxy Book Ion utilizes an Intel UHD Graphics. The base frequency of this graphics card is 300 MHz, while its increase frequency is 1150 MHz.

Nevertheless, this graphics card is an integrated graphics card and is embedded into the laptop computer’s processor. Therefore, in order to perform graphics-related jobs, it needs to share the system memory with the processor.

Due to this, the Galaxy Book Ion will not have the ability to successfully manage graphics-demanding jobs like video modifying. Likewise, the laptop computer will not have the ability to play high-end video games or title AAA video games.

However, it must have the ability to run a couple of video games under low graphics settings. For instance, while playing Dota 2 Reborn ( 2015 ) under low graphics settings, the Galaxy Book Ion provided a good frame rate of 60.9 fps.

Nevertheless, if you attempt alter the graphics settings to high, the frame rate will lower to as low as 16.8 fps. As a matter of reality, the video game may not even begin if you run it under ultra-high graphics settings.

Having stated all that, let us be familiar with the graphics efficiency of the laptop computer much more by highlighting its 3DMark test outcome. If you wonder, 3DMark is a graphics-based benchmark test that examines how well a computer system can render 3D graphics.

In addition, a high rating suggests great graphics efficiency, according to the 3DMark test. So, based upon the test outcome, the Galaxy Book Ion scored 1,674 points.

Unfortunately, this rating is the most affordable in its classification. For this reason, the Galaxy Book Ion was beaten by all the laptop computers in its classification.

For instance, the Acer Swift 3 scored 2,809 points on the 3DMark test.

In conclusion, if you are a player or graphics designer, the Galaxy Book Ion isn’t the one for you. Additionally, the laptop computer was surpassed on a graphics-based benchmark test by all its rivals

For this reason, I will rank the Galaxy Book Ion a 7 out of 10 in this graphics card evaluation area.

Galaxy Book Ion Battery Life And Efficiency Evaluation

Galaxy Book Ion Battery Life And Performance

A 4-cell Li-ion 4546 mAh battery powers the Galaxy Book Ion. Samsung declares that the battery life of this laptop computer is 22 hours, which is incredible.

Nevertheless, we have actually seen makers lie about the battery life of their items. For this reason, to validate if Samsung’s 22 hours battery life claim holds true, we will now talk about the laptop computer’s outcome on a video playback test.

By the method, this video playback test includes constantly playing a YouTube video on the laptop computer up until it passes away. So, at the end of the test, the Galaxy Book Ion provided a battery life of 13 hours and 3 minutes.

Although this battery life is great and need to last a complete day, it is far less than the 22 hours that Samsung declared. Nevertheless, the laptop computer’s battery life is longer than that of its closest rivals.

For instance, according to the very same video playback test, the Dell XPS 13 9300 has a 10 hours battery life. Likewise, the Lenovo Yoga 720 has a battery life of 12 hours.

After comprehensive factor to consider, I think the Galaxy Book Ion is worthy of a ranking of 9 out of 10 in this battery evaluation area.

Galaxy Book Ion Evaluation: Often Asked Concerns

8 shutterstock 1145552972
1. Does The Galaxy Book Ion Have A Touchscreen?

Regrettably, the Galaxy Book Ion does not included a touchscreen display screen.

2. When Was The Galaxy Book Ion Launched?

Samsung launched the Galaxy Book Ion in 2020.

3. Is The Galaxy Book Ion Lightweight?

Definitely, the Galaxy Book Ion is light-weight– it weighs simply 970.6 g

4. Does The Galaxy Book Ion Deal An HDMI Port.

Yes, the Galaxy Book Ion features an HDMI port.

5. Just How Much Is The Galaxy Book Ion?

When I composed this evaluation in June 2022, the Galaxy Book Ion had a cost of $846.

Galaxy Book Ion Evaluation: My Last Ideas

Galaxy Book Ion Review: My Final Thoughts

The Galaxy Book Ion is an ultraportable laptop computer that uses great deals of outstanding functions. To provide more information, this laptop computer features an appealing style and a long lasting develop.

As a matter of reality, the laptop computer is among the lightest laptop computers ever, weighing simply 970.6 g. Remarkably, unlike many ultraportable laptop computers, the Galaxy Book Ion uses an excellent port choice.

In addition to that, this Samsung laptop computer has an amazing battery life of 13 hours+. Nevertheless, the laptop computer’s keyboard is below average and its graphics efficiency isn’t especially outstanding.

However, if you require an on-the-go laptop computer with sufficient efficiency, the Galaxy Book Ion deserves thinking about.

I hope you discovered this Galaxy Book Ion evaluation practical? If you discovered the evaluation practical, click Yes to “Was this post Helpful?” listed below.

You might likewise examine this item with the “Leave a Reply” type discovered at the end of this page.

Lastly, for more video gaming laptop computer evaluations, visit our Laptop computer Evaluations page. You might likewise discover our Laptop computer Specifications page extremely practical.

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