How to Master Cigarette Smoking Meat, Salt-Curing and Brining

smoking meats, brining, salt curing

Smoking, treating and brining are ancient methods utilized in protecting food. Today, foods such as hams, corned beef and smoked salmon are salt-cured, brined or smoked mostly for taste. Treated meats have a particular pink color which is brought on by the response of salt nitrite, which is included throughout processing, with the naturally happening myoglobin protein in the meat.


Salt-curing is the procedure of surrounding a food with salt or a mix of salt, sugar, nitrite based treating salt, herbs and spices. Salt-curing dehydrates the food, hindering bacterial development and including taste. It is usually utilized with pork items and fish. Salt-curing is not a fast treatment and does take a little bit of time to finish. As an example, country-style hams are salt-cured. Appropriate treating needs about one and a half days per 450g (1lb) of ham, which indicates 3 weeks for the typical ham!

Some salt-cured hams such as smithfield and prosciutto are not really prepared. The treating procedure protects the meat and makes it safe to take in raw.

Gravlax is a popular salmon meal prepared by salt-curing salmon fillets with a mix of salt, sugar, pepper and dill.

salt cured gravlax
Salt-cured gravlax


A salt water is really an extremely salted marinade. A lot of salt water have approx. 20% salinity, which is comparable to 450g (1 pounds) of salt per 4 L (1 gal.) of water.

A salt water has approx. 450g (1 Pounds) of salt per 4L (1 Gal) of water

Just like dry-salt treatments, salt water can likewise include sugar, nitrites, herbs and spices. Brining is often called pickling.

Today, many treated meats are prepared in big production centers where the salt water is injected into the meat for quick and consistent circulation. Commercially brined corned beef is treated by this procedure, as are most typical hams. After brining, hams are more processed by cigarette smoking.

Smoking Meats

Smoking meats has a great deal of details connected with it, however it leads to among the most gratifying and widely-used processing approaches.

There are 2 fundamental approaches of cigarette smoking foods:

The concept distinctions in between the 2 is that hot cigarette smoking really cooks the food while cold cigarette smoking does not.

Both are performed in a cigarette smoker particularly created for this function. Cigarette smokers can be gas or electrical and they differ considerably in size and operation. However they have a number of things in typical.

All include a chamber that holds the food being smoked, a method of burning woods to produce smoke and a heating aspect.

Kinds Of Wood for Cigarette Smoking

Various kinds of wood can be utilized to smoke food. Particular woods are chosen to impart particular tastes.

  • Hickory– Frequently utilized for pork items
  • Alder– Great for smoked salmon
  • Maple
  • Chestnut
  • Juniper
  • Mesquite
  • Cherry
  • Apple
  • And much more

It is very important to prevent resinous woods that offer food a bitter taste such pine. Tea and fragrant herb stems might be utilized in cigarette smoking also.


Cold Cigarette Smoking

Cold cigarette smoking is the procedure of exposing foods to smoke at temperature levels of 10’C– 29’C (50’F– 85’F).

Meat, poultry, video game, fish, shellfish, cheese, nuts and even veggies can be cold-smoked effectively. A lot of cold-smoked meats are typically salt-cured or brined initially. Salt-curing or brining includes taste, permits the nitrites (which offer ham, bacon and other smoked meats their unique pink color) to permeate the flesh and, crucial, extracts moisture from the food, enabling the smoke to permeate more quickly.

smoked meat wood chips
Wood chips for cigarette smoking

A lot of cold-smoked meats are typically salt-cured or brined initially.

Cold-smoked foods are really still raw. Some, like smoked salmon (lox), are consumed without more cooking. Others, such as bacon and hams, should be prepared prior to consuming.

Hot Cigarette Smoking

Hot cigarette smoking is the procedure of exposing foods to smoke at temperature levels of 93’C to 121’C (200’F to 250’F). Just like cold cigarette smoking, a terrific range of foods can be prepared by hot cigarette smoking. Meats, poultry, video game, fish and shellfish that are hot-smoked likewise take advantage of salt-curing or brining. Although many smoked foods are completely prepared when gotten rid of from the cigarette smoker, lots of are utilized in other dishes that require more cooking.

While many cigarette smoking needs specific devices, 2 inexpensive choices exist for imparting a smoked taste to foods. A range leading cigarette smoker, which looks like a hotel pan with a tight fitting cover, can be utilized to hot-smoke little cuts of meat, fish, poultry or veggies. Wood chips are spread inside the bottom of the pan. Foods to be smoked sit on top of a mesh rack inside package. The heat of the range leading sparks the wood chips, penetrating the food with a smoky taste.

smoked pork

Foods smoked in this way needs to reach an appropriate internal cooking temperature level to be served without extra cooking.

Liquid smoke is a flavoring made from smoke, which has actually been condensed from the burning of wood chips. When utilized sensibly it can impart an enjoyable smoky taste to barbeque sauces and marinades.

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