LG UN8500 Evaluation: A 65-inch Smart Television To Be Preferred

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The LG UN8500 is an IPS wise 4K television that uses excellent watching angles, and a good movement managing efficiency. Additionally, its webOS is simple to utilize and operates efficiently. Nevertheless, the LG UN8500 does not have regional dimming and isn’t intense enough.

Style, Measurement, And Weight


Show Functions And Image Quality


Ports And Connection Functions



  • 1. Quick reaction time
  • 2. Low input lag
  • 3. Great watching angles
  • 4. Magic remote


  • 1. Average contrast ratio
  • 2. Insufficient brightness
  • 3. No regional dimming
LG 65UN8500PUI


Are you trying to find a 65-inch tv with excellent functions? Because case, you must take a look at this LG UN8500 evaluation.

Throughout this evaluation post, you will learn more about the numerous specifications and functions of the LG UN8500. Thus, I will be analyzing the tv’s style functions, show functions, sound functions, ports & & connection functions, and wise functions.

Besides, in numerous areas of this evaluation, I will be comparing the LG UN8500 with a few of its closest competitors. Likewise, I will rank the tv on a scale of one to 10 at the close of each area based upon its efficiency.

Thus, to be able to make a knowledgeable purchasing choice, I advise you to read this LG UN8500 evaluation till completion.

LG UN8500 Evaluation: My Preliminary Ideas

LG UN8500 Review: My Initial Thoughts

Getting the ideal tv nowadays appears to be a challenging and complicated job. This is because of the truth that there are various tvs in the market with numerous functions from various manufacturers/brands.

Nonetheless, one tv that has actually stood apart given that the time of its release in 2020 is the LG UN8500, which this evaluation is everything about. This LG tv is a 4K tv that uses an IPS panel for broad seeing angles.

Likewise, just like the majority of LG tvs, the LG UN8500 includes the webOS that has great deals of streaming services. Nevertheless, this tv is a bit costly, including a price of $899.99 since June 2022, when this post was released.

Having stated a couple of aspects of the LG UN8500, I understand you wonder to understand more. Why not continue checking out to discover?

LG UN8500 Style, Measurement, And Weight Evaluation

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If you consider tvs with appealing styles, the LG UN8500 isn’t a set that enters your mind. To offer more information, this tv includes thick extended bezels that surround its screen.

These bezels are made from plastic and have a black surface. Additionally, like the majority of LG tvs, the LG UN8500 functions an “LG” logo design at the center of the bottom bezel.

When you look listed below this “LG” logo design, you will see a power sign light and control buttons. These buttons permit you to power on/off the tv, switch channels, modification volume, and alter inputs.

Proceeding, the LG UN8500 includes 2 plastic V-shaped legs. Just like the majority of tvs nowadays, these legs are located extremely near the edges of the tv.

Due to this, you will require rather a big table or desk to put the tv on if you aren’t intending on wall-mounting it. On a favorable note, the legs are quite tough and support the tv extremely well, despite the fact that they are made from plastic

Relying on the back of the LG UN8500, you will see a plain plastic back panel. This back panel has a matte-black surface and functions 300 x 300 VESA install holes for wall-mounting the tv.

Additionally, due to the fact that the tv isn’t too thick, it should not bulge out when wall-mounted. On the drawback, the tv’s back panel does not have any type of a cable television management system.

That stated, let us continue to go over the weight and measurement of the LG UN8500. To begin with, the tv weighs 21318.8 g and procedures 1463 x 87.8 x 850 mm (W x D x H).

Relatively, the LG UN8500 is lighter than the Sony XBR-65Z9F and Samsung UN65RU7100FXZA. These tvs procedures 29500 g and 24992 g, respectively.

To conclude this style evaluation area, I will rank the LG UN8500 a 7 out of 10.

LG UN8500 Show Functions And Image Quality Evaluation

LG UN8500 Display Features And Picture Quality Review

The LG UN8500 uses a 65-inch LED screen with a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. As the majority of us understand, 4K Ultra HD or 4K UHD resolution is extensively used by the majority of contemporary tvs.

This is due to the fact that the resolution help shows to produce crisp, comprehensive, and vibrant image quality. Regrettably, in spite of the 4K UHD resolution, the LG UN8500’s screen has an average contrast ratio– it includes a native contrast ratio of 1,131:1.

Due to its bad contrast ratio, the LG UN8500’s screen will not have the ability to provide deep or abundant blacks. In essence, blacks on the screen will look rather grayish.

As an outcome, you may not delight in viewing films with great deals of dark or shadowy scenes such as scary films on the tv. Likewise, viewing the tv in dark locations might not be an advantage to do due to its bad contrast ratio.

For your info, contrast ratio is the distinction in between the darkest blacks and the brightest whites a screen has the ability to produce. Thus, the greater the contrast ratio of a screen, the darker/deeper the blacks it will have the ability to produce.

Aside from a bad contrast ratio, the LG UN8500’s screen does not have regional dimming also. In short, regional dimming is a function that manages and dims an LED screen’s backlight so regarding enhance its black level.

Thus, with this function, blacks on the screen must be darker than they would without regional dimming. In doing so, enhancing the dark space efficiency in addition to the general image quality of the screen.

Regretfully, the LG UN8500 stops working to support regional dimming. When I believed things could not get any even worse, I discovered that the tv’s screen uses a frustrating optimum brightness of 273 nits.

As an outcome, the tv isn’t appropriate for outside use as its screen will have a hard time to stay up to date with screen glares. Hence, you are much better off utilizing the LG UN8500 in moderately-lit spaces or dimly-lit spaces.

On the favorable side of things, the LG UN8500’s screen uses broad seeing angles. This can be credited to its IPS (In-Plane Changing) panel.

For that reason, you can view the tv from various angles without losing image quality or discovering color distortion. Subsequently, the LG UN8500 benefits a big space setting.

Apart from the broad watching angles, the LG UN8500 likewise supports HDR. HDR (High Dynamic Variety) is a function that enables HDR-supported tvs to provide practical and life-like images when rendering HDR-supported material.

So you understand, HDR-supported material can be mainly discovered on streaming apps such as Disney+ and HBO. In addition to HDR, the LG UN8500 includes a photo processor called α7 Gen3 Processor 4K.

This processor is mainly included on OLED Televisions, and it’s rather excellent that this design has it. Additionally, the processor is an AI-dependent processor that evaluates and recognizes an image’s initial quality.

It does this so regarding boost the sharpness and clearness of the image and likewise filter out color distortion and sounds. That aside, the LG UN8500 includes a 4K upscaling innovation.

This innovation upscales and boosts the quality of lower resolution material to 4K resolution quality. Thus, you can enjoy your preferred HD reveals on the LG UN8500 in 4K quality.

Proceeding, the LG UN8500’s screen uses a quick reaction time of 13.4 milliseconds. Hence, there ought to very little blur tracks when the screen is rendering fast-motion material like racing sports and action films.

If you do not understand, reaction time is the period it takes a screen to move from a specific color to another. In addition to the quick reaction time, the LG UN8500 likewise has a low input lag of 5.2 milliseconds.

As an outcome, the tv is perfect for players as it will take less time to sign up inputs from cordless gamepads. For a much better understanding, input lag is the time it takes a screen to react to signify inputs from external sources.

Hence, the lower the input lag, the much better the video gaming experience.

In summary, the LG UN8500’s screen uses 4K UHD resolution, excellent watching angles, and advanced screen innovation. Nevertheless, the screen has a bad optimum brightness, frustrating contrast ratio, and does not have regional dimming.

All in all, I will rank the LG UN8500 a 8 out of 10 in this screen functions and image quality evaluation area.

LG UN8500 Noise Includes Evaluation

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The LG UN8500 includes two 2 CH 20-watts speakers that produce a good sound quality. Likewise, these speakers are quite loud and must have the ability to fill an average-sized space with noise.

Nevertheless, this LG tv does not included a subwoofer. Due to this, it will not have the ability to produce a sufficient quantity of bass for delighting in the rumbling and thumping noises in films.

For that reason, bass-heavy films may not be perfect to view on the LG UN8500. However, you can think about obtaining a soundbar so regarding get a sufficient bass production.

That stated, the speakers of the LG UN8500 have the ability to produce clear and easy to understand discussion. In case you’re questioning, discussion is the spoken interaction in between 2 or more individuals.

Thus, conversation-driven material like documentaries, talk programs, and news will be extremely interesting view on this LG tv.

Proceeding, the LG UN8500 includes some audio improvement innovation such as Dolby Atmos and Ultra Surround Noise. With the mix of these audio innovations, this tv will have the ability to produce a cinematic and immersive sound quality.

Far From that, let us go over the distortion efficiency of the LG UN8500. To do that, I will be offering the outcome of the tv on a THD (Overall Harmonic Distortion) test.

Quickly, THD is a sound test that determines the percentage of distortion present in a stereo. Additionally, according to the test, the lower ball game, the much better.

Generally, if the THD rating is 1% or less, that indicates the stereo can just produce very little distortion. Nevertheless, if ball game on the test is above 1%, the stereo will produce a substantial quantity of distortion.

With that in mind, the LG UN8500 provided a rating of 0.058% on the THD test at an 80% volume level. On the other hand, when the volume is increased to the optimum level, the tv provided a rating of 0.635%.

Hence, either at an optimum or moderate volume level, distortion will be very little on LG UN8500. By the method, distortion in this context is the change of a stereo’s initial audio frequency, permitting it to produce undesirable sound quality.

All things thought about, I will be ranking the LG UN8500 a 8 out of 10 in this noise includes evaluation area.

LG UN8500 Ports And Connection Characteristic Evaluation

LG UN8500 Ports And Connectivity Features Review

To begin with, the LG UN8500 includes an enough variety of ports. Just like the majority of tvs, the ports are divided into 2 groups– the left-facing ports and the back-facing ports.

Concentrating on the left-facing ports, there are 2 HDMI ports and a USB port. Remarkably, among these HDMI ports supports ARC (Audio Return Channel).

Hence, you can quickly utilize that specific HDMI port to link a soundbar to the tv. That aside, amongst the back-facing ports are 2 more HDMI ports in addition to 2 USB ports.

That’s not all, there is likewise a digital audio out, a composite in, an RF port for antenna connection, and an Ethernet port. As relates to cordless connection, the LG UN8500 includes Bluetooth 5.0 and has an inbuilt WiFi.

As anticipated from a practically $1000 LG tv, the LG UN8500 functions LG’s magic remote. This remote is plastic-made and has a mix of textured and shiny surface with curved edges.

Likewise, the push-button control includes rather a variety of buttons. To discuss a couple of, the remote has a complete number pad, volume and channel rockers, and an input button.

Furthermore, there is a round-shaped navigation button, playback buttons, and 3 committed buttons. These devoted buttons enable simple access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play Movies.

Apart from its load of buttons, the LG UN8500’s magic remote likewise includes an inbuilt microphone for voice input. Hence, by pushing the microphone button and speaking into this microphone, you must have the ability to manage the television with your voice.

In conclusion, the LG UN8500 uses an outstanding port choice and a magic remote with voice command performance. For that reason, I will rank the LG UN8500 a 9 out of 10 in this ports and connection evaluation area.

LG UN8500 Smart Includes Evaluation

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As excepted, the LG UN8500 operates on an os called webOS. You need to be questioning why I stated “as excepted”.

Well, it is due to the fact that the majority of LG wise tvs includes the webOS. Besides, the os is owned by LG and positions to be among the very best wise television os out there.

As a matter of truth, the OS has a smooth and user friendly user interface that makes navigation smooth. Asides from that, the os likewise uses rather a variety of popular streaming services and apps.

A few of these streaming services consist of Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, Apple Television, Netflix, and HBO. Remarkably, the webOS includes an integrated apps save called the LG Material Shop.

Through this apps shop, users can download extra streaming services and applications. Apart from the integrated apps shop, the webOS likewise supports Airplay 2 and Homekit.

Airplay 2 enables you to stream/share material from your Apple gadgets to the tv. On the other hand, Homekit enables users to manage the tv with their Apple gadgets.

Great news for sports fans, the LG UN8500 includes a function called “Sports Alert”. This function lets the tv notify users about upcoming matches and keeps them approximately date on their preferred groups.

That aside, the LG UN8500 is likewise cast-enabled. Thus, you can stream or share material from your Android or Windows gadgets to the tv.

All things thought about, I will be ranking the LG UN8500 a 9 out of 10 in this wise functions evaluate area.

LG UN8500 Evaluation: Often Asked Concerns

LG UN8500 Review: Frequently Asked Questions
1. When Was The LG UN8500 Launched?

The LG UN8500 was launched in 2020.

2. Just how much Does The LG UN8500 Expense?

The LG UN8500 had a price of $899.99 since June 2022, when this evaluation was released.

3. Just how much Does The LG UN8500 Weigh?

The LG UN8500 weighs 21318.8 g.

4. The Number Of HDMI Ports Does The LG UN8500 Feature?

The LG UN8500 includes 4 HDMI ports– 2 amongst its back-facing ports and the staying amongst its left-facing ports.

5. Does the LG UN8500 Have Bluetooth?

Yes, the LG UN8500 includes Bluetooth 5.0.

LG UN8500 Evaluation: My Last Ideas

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Although the LG UN8500 isn’t appealing, it provides a good efficiency. To offer more information, this tv includes a 4K screen that supports HDR and has broad seeing angles.

In addition to that, the tv has a good noise efficiency and numerous audio improvement innovations. Likewise, the LG UN8500 includes an excellent variety of ports in addition to a voice-supported magic push-button control.

That’s not all, this LG tv includes an os that uses great deals of streaming apps and an integrated apps shop. Nevertheless, the tv has a frustrating contrast ratio, isn’t intense enough, and does not have regional dimming.

However, if these defects are something you can neglect, the LG UN8500 deserves thinking about.

LG 65UN8500PUI


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