Retrofitting to a wise lock made exceptionally basic

The SwitchBot Lock is a distinct technique to the clever lock principle which, rather of needing the total or partial replacement of an existing conventional dead-bolt lock, it is developed to match the lock in the least intrusive way possible.

This suggests that while previously, individuals that might delight in utilizing clever locks were the property owner, it’s now possible to transform a standard lock into a wise one by utilizing some double-sided tape and an app. Clearly, the SwitchBot Lock itself requires to be installed on the deadbolt lock also. So yes, it’s completely possible for individuals that lease a house or home to make these non-invasive works, specifically if the property owner does not desire you to make any modifications to the house.


This is a clear benefit that SwitchBot has more than the other recognized brand names, however is the SwitchBot Lock in fact much better or a minimum of simply as excellent as its primary rivals? It does have an app for locking and opening the door, however you can likewise utilize a smartwatch and even a keypad to open it. There’s likewise the auto-lock function which locks the door after a specific quantity of time has actually passed (for individuals that frequently forget to lock their doors) and, obviously you can likewise utilize Alexa or Google House assistants to manage the clever lock.

If you’re not that keen on the SwitchBot-only community, it is possible to utilize House Assistant to manage IoT gadgets from 3rd parties at the exact same time. I do believe that there will be some compromises in regards to appearances, however let’s put the SwitchBot Lock to the test and see what’s everything about.

Style and Construct Quality

As I currently pointed out in the introduction, the SwitchBot Lock is a distinct clever lock with a non-traditional style technique. I understand that some clever locks totally change the lock on your door, other simply partly, however the SwitchBot Lock does not need any modifications to the existing lock given that it just reviews it. Undoubtedly, the clever lock has a devoted location that can be gotten used to cover the deadbolt system and, utilizing a motor, it will turn it to lock or open the door.

For this factor, I pointed out that there are some compromises in regards to appearances since the SwitchBot Lock is big and not that visually pleasing, regardless of doing its finest. At 4.4 x 2.9 x 2.3 inches (or 11.2 x 7.3 x 5.9 cm), the SwitchBot Lock will not simulate the appearances of a standard lock.

SwitchBot Lock Width.

Not which’s since of its depth given that it’s not in fact bigger than a typical nightlatch lock. Depending upon the kind of deadbolt, the SwitchBot Lock might wind up several inches far from the door. That’s thanks to the adjustable system stand. Most of the times, the system will sit flush with the door lock, however, if it requires to be extended a bit, then, you do require to open the leading cover of the SwitchBot Lock and change the stand appropriately utilizing the 2 screws.

It does remove a bit from the possible plug and play technique, however it’s soothing to understand that the clever lock can accommodate practically any kind of deadbolts. The enclosure of the gadget is made from plastic therefore holds true cover that can be eliminated to expose the adjustable system stand and the batteries slot. And they’re currently set up, however, to power on the gadget, you require to secure the plastic layer that breaks the contact with the batteries.

The Status LED.

Inside this area, there’s likewise the motor and, on the other side of the stand, there’s a little LED that sort of programs the status of the SwitchBot Lock. Flashing blue methods that the gadget is all set to be combined, while stable green methods that the clever lock is effectively locked or opened. Stable red programs that the battery is low or that there is uncommon activity (some mistake?). So yes, you will require to examine the app for the correct status of the gadget, unless you remember what each color suggests.

Below the LED, there is the thumbturn which is likewise made from plastic and it’s colored gray (while the remainder of the gadget is matte black). And on the other side of the SwitchBot Lock, there is the thumbturn adapter. If the adapter that’s currently set up is not the appropriate size, then it’s possible to change it with among the other 2 offered adapters. To remove it, just pull it out (just a little bit of force is needed).

The SwitchBot Keypad

You can utilize the SwitchBot Lock without the keypad, however it’s an appropriate option to relying just on the app. And there are 2 versions offered, one is the base design keypad and after that there’s the KeyPad Touch that has a finger print reader embedded into the case.

The SwitchBot Keypad.

I have the base design, without the finger print reader and it’s a rectangle-shaped gadget made from plastic, covered by a black matte surface. It determines about 4.4 x 1.5 x 1.4 inches (or 11.2 x 3.8 x 3.6 cm) and the buttons are effectively lined up, so it’s simple to push them. I require to point out that the producer chose an intriguing leather-like surface on the buttons location which feels great to the touch (the keypad being at an angle is likewise a great style option).

Because the SwitchBot Keypad will more than likely wind up outdoors, it does require to be weatherproof, best? Undoubtedly and the gadget is IP65-rated. This suggests that dust will not get in the enclosure, nor ought to water. I have actually inspected the rear panel where you place the batteries and there is a seal which ought to avoid any water or dust ingress. Likewise, the gadget will stay functional even if the temperature level decreases to -13 degrees F and approximately 150 F (-25 C to 66 C), so it will endure even the harsher winter seasons and remarkably hot summer seasons.

The SwitchBot Keypad batteries slot.

Prior to including the 2 batteries (which can be discovered in the bundle), the Keypad didn’t actually influence self-confidence given that it felt a bit lightweight. However acquiring some weight from the batteries does make it appear a bit more well balanced. Do not forget that the SwitchBot Lock and Keypad combination is still among the most low-cost on the marketplace. That being stated, the keypad has LEDs beneath every button and icon and all will illuminate green when a secret is pushed.

Above the buttons, there are 3 LEDs, one with the lock and other with the unlock icon, while in the middle, there’s the sign light. This sign flashes green (and there’s likewise a beep) when the door has actually been effectively locked or opened and will flash red in case it has actually been not successful. In case you place an incorrect code 5 times, the sign will flash red two times and the backlight will likewise flash two times, followed by 2 beeps.

Likewise, besides the numbered secrets, there’s a lock and an okay button, along with a light sensing unit on top and an NFC sensing unit in the middle. You might have discovered that the producer has actually included a card inside package which has an NFC chip within– it can be utilized to bypass the code and unlock the door.

SwitchBot Keypad LEDs.

The Setup Process

As the user handbook states, the primary steps include tidying up the location where the SwitchBot Lock will be set up and to pick the appropriate thumbturn for the deadbolt. In my case, it was the middle-sized thumbturn which I without delay connected to the primary system and after that, I re-positioned the SwitchBot Lock to see if I required to change the stand. And, as you can see, it was undoubtedly required. To do so, I got rid of the leading cover and, utilizing the screwdriver (from the bundle), I had the ability to eliminate the 4 screws and move the stand forward.

In this manner, I understood that I just required to change it one area, so I put the screws back. Then, I inspected if the double-tape would follow the wood in its totality and it would not. So, I needed to take the screws back once again and include another area. Later on, it’s finest to keep the 3 axis (circular things that walk around) lined up to each other.

Prepare the SwitchBot prior to installing it on the door.

Then, I glued the SwitchBot Lock system to the door and relocated to the next action. I discovered that there was a magnet inside the bundle which wasn’t actually in any of the setup actions from the user handbook. The concept is to place the magnet at less than 1.2 inches (3cm) at the exact same height as the SwitchBot Lock system given that by doing this, the app will let you understand if the door is open or closed. It’s the exact same concept to the entry sensing units that you require to connect to the frame of the doors and windows when setting up a security system.

Change the screws so that the SwitchBot Lock sits flush on the deadbolt locking system.

In case you make certain this is an irreversible area for the gadget, you do not require to utilize the double-sided tape, you can peel it off and rather drill 2 holes and connect the SwitchBot Lock with 2 screws. Now it’s a great time to set up the batteries (secure the plastic piece that obstructs them) and after that the LED need to begin blinking blue. Then, you require to set up the app which needs area consent (for factors) and after that, from the primary page, tap on Plus and await the Bluetooth ‘to see’ the close-by gadgets (unless you wish to include them by hand).

Tapping on the lock will enable you to see the name and apparently select the Space (still can’t select it– could not with other SwitchBot gadgets either) and after that I was asked if I wished to combine it to a SwitchBot Center. I did have one offered, so I picked Next (there’s the alternative to avoid it) and after that we can lastly begin the calibration procedure. As I currently stated, you require to connect the magnet beside the SwitchBot Lock (about 1.2 inches away) and after that just follow the actions to lock and open the door till the gadget operates effectively.

SwitchBot Lock– app setup.

Because I do have the SwitchBot KeyPad offered, I chose to install it also and I went the double-sided tape path once again. As you will see, in the bundle, there is an installing bracket that you can connect to a flat surface area utilizing either 2 screws or by depending on a double-sided tape, in case you’re not enabled to drill holes inside the wall or door frame. Position the keypad bracket at no greater than 16 feet (4 meters) from the SwitchBot Lock and later on, just move the keypad into location.

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SwitchBot Lock



  • It’s the least intrusive method to retrofit your lock
  • The app is basic to utilize
  • Practically no hold-up till the gadget locks or opens the door
  • Numerous methods to run the system – app, keypad, NFC card
  • Can be utilized with Alexa and Google House


  • The app needs consistent Web gain access to
  • The style might not be on all individuals’s taste

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