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The Quntis solar spotlight is a compact gadget that, as its name recommends, utilizes a little photovoltaic panel to charge up a battery throughout the day and, with the assistance of a brightness sensing unit, it switches on the LEDs throughout the night. By doing this, your lawn must be lit up throughout the night without your input and without taking in anything from the grid.

It’s fascinating to see that the solar spotlight is a gadget that just just recently handled to get in the marketplace and it was an immediate success for apparent factors. However why did it took so long? Well, photovoltaic panels required numerous years to end up being more cost effective. And this is the moment when the producers might utilize this remarkable innovation and press it from specific niche usage to more typical.


So yes, I have actually seen a rise of interest in the solar lighting fixture, along with for landscaping. These little spotlights do not need cable televisions, so you conserve a great deal of cash and some headaches to have actually electrical energy set up in your yard. So, what’s the catch? The issue is clearly the battery life, both short-terms and long-lasting.

You desire these lights to be trustworthy no matter outside conditions (cloudy throughout the day indicates less hours of light throughout the night) and likewise to last for several years. Otherwise, what’s the point of utilizing solar spotlights, if you require to change them after just a number of years– not a great financial investment. That being stated, how does the Quntis solar spotlight address all of these issues? Let’s learn.

Style and Develop Quality

In regards to style, the solar-powered spotlights are just a bit bigger than the conventional spotlights due to the requirement to bring the photovoltaic panel. Some producers have actually put them individually, however when it comes to the Quntis solar spotlight, the photovoltaic panel is ingrained within the case.

The gadget is totally made from plastic that makes sense thinking about the price, however it is likewise IP65-rated, so there is security versus dust ingrees. And there is likewise security versus effective jets of water directed towards the enclosure. So, a storm must not impact the Quntis solar spotlight. I have actually not seen any discusses about how well it will do throughout the winter season or if it’s extremely hot exterior.

The photovoltaic panel embedded at the top of the enclosure.

However I presume that the photovoltaic panel effectiveness follows the basic worth, which has to do with 77 degrees F (25 C) for peak efficiency. I have actually checked out some remarks about the enclosure in fact enabling water to get in, so I chose to let water run over among the Quntis solar spotlight systems. From the tap, given that it hasn’t drizzled here appropriately in months– hurray for environment modification. I let the water circulation for about a minute and it does not appear that any drop went into the enclosure.

The plastic case is well insulated, however I did take a look at the location where the front side is ingrained within the enclosure and it does appear that the producer might have utilized glue. Which is not a bad option if they likewise included a silicone seal– if they didn’t then I see how, in time, the glue might enable water and dust to get in the spotlights. Quntis has actually put the little photovoltaic panel on top and after that the circuits and the LEDs are located right away beneath, followed by an adjustable stand.

The 2 holes for wall installing.

It can relocate to about 100 degrees and, as you can see from the pictures, there are 2 holes to enable you to install the Quntis solar spotlight on the wall. There are some screws in the plan to quickly do so. However, most likely the most typical manner in which individuals will utilize these spotlights is with the spike that you can place into the ground. This is what I utilized for the systems that I got and I choose the less intrusive nature of this method.

Regrettably, there is no detachable battery, as on other solar spotlights, however there is a relatively big button. If you push the button when, it will switch on the Quntis solar spotlight and set the brightness to 45%. Pushing the button once again will press the brightness to 100% and, pushing the button again will shut off the solar spotlight.

At the top of the case, near the photovoltaic panel, the Quntis solar spotlight has a brightness sensing unit which, when it spots that it’s dim enough, it will instantly switch on the LEDs. If it’s too intense, the sensing unit will shut off the LEDs also.

The Efficiency of the Quntis Solar Spotlight

Thinking about the present worldwide conditions, I got a bit more conservative in concerns to electrical energy usage, particularly throughout the night. Which’s since even if throughout the day, it’s possible to utilize photovoltaic panels, you require to draw power from a service provider throughout the night. That is, unless you have a battery, however they’re costly and an extremely bad financial investment at the minute, however that’s a story of another time.

Usage this button to alter the brightness.

The concept is that I do have actually some lights set up in my yard. So, it was fascinating to see simply how well these little photovoltaic panel spotlights might do when compared to the conventional gadgets. One Quntis solar spotlight is promoted to be extremely intense throughout the night and the color temperature level is stated to be 6500K. And I will not reject that the 24 LEDs are rather capable to cover a couple of feet in front of the solar spotlight.

However, due to the size of the gadget, you will require to utilize one spotlight every 10 feet if you wish to appropriately illuminate a path. I placed a number of the Quntis solar spotlight systems at a higher range, as you can see in the pictures and it was alright. They weren’t that much various than the wired lighting fixture with a 5W LED bulb that I had actually set up beside the solar spotlights.

The brightness and the contrast of the image were not changed.

The concern if the length of time were they able to last. I began checking these gadgets about as month back and I remain in complete summer season here, so the days are long and intense. And extremely hot. So, the photovoltaic panel on the Quntis solar spotlight had no concern to quickly charge up the inner battery. The spotlights would switch on at about 10PM and would shut off due to the brightness exterior at about 4:50 AM. So, I am presently getting about 7 hours of light at the low brightness setting (45%).

No modifications have actually been made to the image. This is how the electronic camera saw the lights.

The optimum brightness is going to cut into this time, so, unless you just require 5-6 hours of light, I would keep the Quntis solar spotlight at the low brightness setting.

Are they worth it from an expense point of view?

One Quntis solar spotlight ought to be the equivalent of 5W of power if you were to utilize a routine LED bulb. And, if you were to run this light bulb for 12 hours a day for a month, it would have to do with 50 cents where in live (0.3 USD per kW). That’s around 6 USD annually, so if you were to get a Quntis solar spotlight, you ought to recover cost in less than 2 years.

So, if these solar spotlights can endure for a minimum of 5 years, it’s a sound financial investment. And they ought to last for more, even if the batteries are unpredictable. We do not require another factor to standardize gadgets that will rapidly be discarded and wind up in a stack, contaminating the Earth. It’s bad for the environment, nor for our pockets.

The spike for placing the spotlight into the ground.

The Conclusion

I have actually utilized a couple of Quntis solar spotlights for about a month therefore far, there is absolutely nothing to grumble about. The photovoltaic panel works as planned given that it enables a minimum of 7 hours of consistent light throughout the night. The spotlights are simple to set up and the possibility to change in between brightness levels is an invited addition. I can’t actually state the length of time they will last, particularly given that you can’t change the battery, however, ought to they last for a minimum of 3 years, it does make good sense to buy them as a financial investment.

Quntis solar spotlight

Quntis solar spotlight


  • Can change the brightness level
  • The light can last for a minimum of 7 hours when the brightness is set at 45%
  • Easy to set up
  • Relatively intense


  • Can’t change the batteries

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