How to Clear Clipboard on Android (Person or All Products)

In this Itechguide, Victor teaches you how to clear clipboard on Android. The guide covers actions to clear specific products from the clipboard or clear all products on the clipboard.

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Here are the actions to clear clipboard on Android:

Open the Clipboard Menu

image 618
  • From any app that enables you to copy and paste, tap and hang on a void up until the Clipboard menu is shown. In this example, I am utilizing the Samsung Notes app however you access the menu from any app that enables you to copy and/or paste.
  • From the shown list, click Clipboard. All products on the clipboard will be shown on the bottom of the phone.
image 617

Clear Private Products from the Android Clipboard

Clear Individual Items from the Android Clipboard
  • To erase a private product from the clipboard, tap on the product and hold up until 2 more choices are shown.
Clear Individual Items from the Android Clipboard
  • From the shown choices, tap Erase from clipboard. The product will be erased with no more verification.

When you tap and hold a product in the clipboard, among the shown choices is Lock to clipboard. When you tap this alternative, the product will not be cleared from the clipboard if you clear all products from the clipboard– more on this in the next area. I will choose this alternative for 2 of the products on my clipboard.

Clear Individual Items from the Android Clipboard
image 621

Erase all Products from Android Clipboard

image 623

Another technique to clear clipboard on Android is to erase all cached products on the clipboard.

Here are the actions …

  • Tap and hold a void in any app that enables you to copy and paste. Then, from the shown choices, tap Clipboard. The clipboard history will be shown at the bottom of the phone.
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  • On the bottom right of the clipboard history, tap the erase icon. An erase verification pop-out will be shown on the bottom of the screen.
image 622
  • Lastly, to clear all clipboard products on Android, on the verification pop-out window, tap Erase.
image 623

All products on the clipboard history will be erased– other than the products you formerly set to Lock to clipboard.

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