The Distinction In Between Chives, Scallions, and Green Onions

Green, pungent, and complete of taste, chives, scallions, and green onions are essential active ingredients in the cooking area. That stated, lots of cooks end up being puzzled by the resemblances and distinctions in between these 3 active ingredients.

That asks the concern: Are chives, scallions, and green onions the very same?

In other words, scallions and green onions describe the very same component, while chives deserve their own acknowledgment.

How Chives, Scallions, and Green Onions Compare

While these 3 are rather comparable, here’s how to inform one from the other.

Scallions and Green Onions

In spite of some confusion, dishes requiring scallions or green onions are describing the very same component! The only distinction depends on the label. No matter what you call them, these plants grow in a slim, extended type with white bottoms and green tops.

Image of scallions tied with string on a chopping block

Some green onions are immature types of the bulbing onions we like, while others are unique ranges that have actually been established to never ever form a bulb at all. Farmers harvest both types by pulling the whole plant from the ground, which is why they typically have whiskery roots hanging from completion.

All ranges have an onion taste that’s a bit milder than conventional white or yellow bulbing onions. Nevertheless, you’ll discover that the white bottoms on these plants are a bit more pungent than their tender green tops.


Chives are an entirely various plant types than scallions and green onions. While green onions and scallions are thought about veggies, chives are organized with herbs like parsley and basil.

Image of chive shoots on a chopping block, partially minced.

Compared to heartier green onions, chives are thinner and more delicate. In addition, the whole plant is green, instead of green and white.

Another distinction is a chive plant’s development type and the farmers’ harvest approach. Unlike scallions and green onions, farmers gather chives by cutting the leaves near ground level. After a couple of weeks, the leaves will grow back and be prepared for another harvest.

Kinds Of Chives

While you might believe chives are chives, there are in fact various kinds of this herb.

  • Typical chives are the most familiar and prevalent range. They show a moderate onion taste, and their green leaves are round and hollow.
  • Garlic chives have a subtle garlic taste. You can likewise differentiate them by their green, flattened leaves.
  • Siberian chives likewise have a moderate onion taste, although the leaves are a bit longer and bluer than typical chives.

What About Spring Onions?


Another green allium you might encounter while skimming dishes is the spring onion.

Unlike the 3 slim active ingredients pointed out above, spring onions have a little yet apparent bulb near their roots. That’s since they’re technically the immature type of bulbing onions. For that reason, you can discover yellow, white, and red spring onion ranges.

In many cases, green onions will ultimately become spring onions. And if these spring onions are left in the ground even longer, they will form bigger onion bulbs.

So what about their taste? Spring onions have a pungent yet sweet taste that is a little transformed depending upon the specific range. If you can’t discover green onions, you can replace spring onions rather.

Tips for Keeping Chives, Scallions, and Green Onions

In spite of their distinctions, you ought to keep all of these plants the very same method.

Unlike treated onions, these active ingredients are fresh and filled with water, which suggests they’re at higher danger of wilting, drying, and decaying. To keep them fresh for as long as possible, it’s ideal to keep these active ingredients in the fridge.

A finest practice is to put the chives or onions in an airtight plastic bag– compressing out as much air as possible prior to sealing– and after that put them in the crisper drawer. If you keep them in this manner, they ought to remain fresh for one to 2 weeks.

How to Prepare with Chives, Scallions, and Green Onions

Even if you understand what these active ingredients are, you may still wonder about how and when to utilize them in the cooking area.

Chef chopping chives on a wood cutting board

While larger bulb onions are among the essential foundation for meals like an abundant Shrimp Bisque and timeless French Onion Soup, cooks deal with green onions and chives a bit in a different way.

Due to their fresh and delicate nature, chives and green onions are wonderful when they’re utilized raw. Attempt scattering sliced chives on top of baked potatoes, rushed eggs, or roasted chicken. And if you have some additional scallions, slice them and utilize them on top of tacos, ramen, stir-fry, or potato salad.

You can likewise discover dishes that star these crisp alliums. Cheddar and chive biscuits include a twist to conventional Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits by combining sharp and velvety cheese with a fresh pop of chives. And if you’re searching for a method to consume an entire lot of green onions, attempt making some mouthwatering scallion-infused pancakes.

Discover More About Your Active Ingredients

The onion household is tasty however varied, so it’s easy to understand if you require some aid discovering how to use scallions, chives, and other alliums.

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