You can now play ‘Doom’ inside ‘Doom II’

Doom is playable on almost anything, from a DJ controller and Canon printer to an ATM and Minecraft. YouTuber kgsws took the Beginning path, however. They put a playable variation of Doom inside Doom II.

They utilized a make use of in the DOS variation of Doom II, as Gizmodo notes. The modder, who describes the procedure in a 15-minute YouTube video, had the ability to get a contemporary port of Doom (Chocolate Doom, which utilizes the initial source code) running within Doom II as an animated texture. The initial video game is predicted on a virtual screen in a customized Doom II map that kgsws developed.

They constructed more maps that display the pioneering first-person shooter, consisting of having the very same circumstances of Doom operating on 4 walls surrounding the gamer and a movie theater screen that’s predicting the video game. Furthermore, kgsws displayed Apostate running within Doom.

You can attempt the hack on your own, as kgsws shared the code on GitHub. You can grab a DOS variation of Doom II from Steam. You may require a fairly husky video gaming PC to run Doom inside Doom II, however. “Both video games are running individually of each other,” kgsws describes. “That indicates you require double the memory. I would suggest you to get at least 16MB of RAM.”

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