Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα

Recipe of Super Quick Homemade Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα

Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα

Hello everybody, it’s Drew, welcome to our recipe site. Today, we’re going to make a distinctive dish, Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα. It is one of my favorites. For mine, I’m gonna make it a little bit tasty. This is gonna smell and look delicious.

Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα is one of the most well liked of current trending foods in the world. It is enjoyed by millions every day. It is simple, it is quick, it tastes delicious. Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα is something that I have loved my entire life. They are nice and they look fantastic.

Many things affect the quality of taste from Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα, starting from the type of ingredients, then the selection of fresh ingredients, the ability to cut dishes to how to make and serve them. Don’t worry if you want to prepare Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα delicious at home, because if you already know the trick then this dish can be used as an extraordinary special treat.

As for the number of servings that can be served to make Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα is 1 person. So make sure this portion is enough to serve for yourself and your beloved family.

Just in addition, the time it takes to cook Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα estimated approx 2hrs.

To begin with this recipe, we must prepare a few components. You can have Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα using 14 ingredients and 27 steps. Here is how you cook it.

This is the gold standard pork chop I had to make during my national service for my Colonel.

Baked pork chops are healthier than grilled chops since they keep most vitamins, however both are traditional

Ingredients and spices that need to be Get to make Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα:

  1. Meat
  2. Pork chop (preferrably rib-eye)
  3. Spices
  4. Oregano (essential)
  5. Coriander crushed
  6. Salt (essential)
  7. Pepper (if you want but it's not tradition)
  8. Cumin powder (essential)
  9. Marjorie herbs
  10. Cinnamon powder (essential)
  11. 1 Bay leaf (2 for 2 ppl)
  12. Marinating juices
  13. Dry Red wine (the heat will remove any alcohol)
  14. Olive oil

Steps to make to make Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα

  1. Remember to leave the pork chops out to defrost the night before*
  2. Take the pork chops and place them in a tray that has been layered with grease proof paper
  3. Place a porkchop in a sealed plastic bag and start tenderising it, remember to flip the pork chop over periodically to get the other side, do this to each pork chop
  4. After you have tenderised them, take them out of the bag and place them back on the grease proof paper
  5. Now pour your olive/sunflower oil over them until you fill the tray halfway up
  6. Next pour your red wine over the chops until it rises up to the brim of the smallest rib-eye, the surface of the red meat of the chops should be visible for you to work with when it comes to the spices.
    (Picture is shown with spices for demonstration, don't add spices yet)
  7. Note : if you are using an expensive or strong wine then try to use much less for the marinating process as it will soak into the meat much further than regular cheap wine, I always use cheap wine since any expensive wine can make it too rich
  8. Note : I tend to fill 1/3rd of the tray in oil and pour about 1/2 wine for personal use since I don't like too much oil, but the tradition is to fill it halfway with oil since this will make it appear more golden which gets you more brownie points with your Colonel
  9. Now pick up the tray with its contents and start slowly swirling the liquids around horizontally, try to swish the liquids over the top of the meat as you do this, this helps keep the concentration of liquids even throughout
  10. Now get your spices ready, first you're going to brush off any excess liquid residing on top of any red meat of the rib-eyes so the spices can be applied
  11. Important Note* : the spices in my country may be slightly stronger than the ones available in others. So the imported spices may not be as fresh. So use one light pinch more for all of my steps, except for the cinnamon! It's very strong regardless
  12. Disclaimer* when I use pinches of spices I use a very small, precise amount per pinch, just so I can fully control where the spices spread, so that's why I have so many pinches in these next steps. 3 pinches of a spice would probably make 1/2 a teaspoon for me, so keep this in mind
  13. Sprinkle an average amount of salt over the meat, about 2 small pinches
  14. Take a generous amount of oregano and sprinkle it around the red meat of the chop, around 4-5 pinches depending on size or just copy the picture below
  15. Take slightly more crushed coriander and sprinkle it around the same area that the oregano takes up, about 4-5 pinches
  16. Take your Marjorie and apply a slightly less amount than the oregano, about 3-4 pinches
  17. Take some cumin powder and sprinkle it throughout all of the meat, lightly sprinkle the fat (if there is present) and give the red meat a regular sprinkle, try to make a very light layer across the red meat but not heavy enough so that it covers the meat too much, about 4-5 light sprinkles and 2 sprinkles on any fat
  18. Take some cinnamon powder and very gently sprinkle it throughout the red meat, be very careful with this, use about 1-1.5 sprinkles throughout the red meat, the fat doesn't need any. If you put even slightly too much it will make the meat taste sweet which will ruin your recipe
  19. Place daphne leaves onto meat, use about a leaf between every 2 chops or 2 leaves if there are only 2 chops
  20. Note : the cumin powder is a local ingredient that gets rid of that disgusting piggy smell that comes off cooked pork. The cinnamon powder is used to further consolidate this for sensitive tongues, but only when the correct amount is used. If you go slightly over the correct amount then your entire recipe is ruined and it will taste like a meaty cinnabon roll
  21. After you have done this to each chop, wrap the tray in tin foil or cling film and leave out for 1-6 hours to marinate (cling film let's you see the meat easier)
  22. Note : 1:30hr is the least amount of time you should be marinating the meat for, for the best result you should leave it for 4-5 hours
  23. … after marinating is done, preheat the oven for 15 minutes at 190°C (fan assisted if available)
  24. Place contents in oven without removing the cling film (this stops the meat from dehydrating)
  25. Cook for about 1 hour at this temperature, flip the chops over when meat turns red, the chops should have been flipped at least twice during this period (you will have to lift the foil to see the chops to do this, be careful not to burn hand)
  26. Turn the temperature down to 170°C and you can now remove the foil/cling film, let it sit at this temperature for another hour and flip everytime you see meat turning red as it will burn otherwise
  27. Finished

As your experience and confidence expands, you will certainly find that you have much more all-natural control over your diet regimen as well as adjust your diet to your individual tastes over time. Whether you want to offer a recipe that utilizes less or even more components or is a little essentially hot, you can make easy changes to accomplish this goal. Simply put, start making your recipes on time. As for standard cooking skills for beginners you don’t require to discover them yet only if you grasp some easy food preparation techniques.

This isn’t a complete overview to fast and also very easy lunch dishes however its excellent something to chew on. With any luck this will certainly obtain your creative juices moving so you can prepare delicious meals for your family members without doing too many heavy meals on your journey.

So that is going to wrap this up for this exceptional food Recipe of Perfect Cyprus army Pork chop for my Colonel (baked) πριζόλα. Thanks so much for reading. I’m confident that you will make this at home. There’s gonna be more interesting food in home recipes coming up. Remember to bookmark this page on your browser, and share it to your loved ones, friends and colleague. Thanks again for reading. Go on get cooking!

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